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Super Smiley
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  1. πŸŽ…πŸŽ„ I can not wait to watch this back tomorrow 🀣 Hope you all understand how hard it is working with your own children on a live YT video πŸ€£πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ but 🐡 and 🐼 were AMAZING and so was all the children, adults, moderators and everyone that joined in. I hope you all had fun. Please winners email me and I will be in touch soon. Love you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ˜˜β€οΈ

  2. This deserves a million likes just from the introduction ❀❀❀❀

  3. Carly keelan Jackson what a amazing live it was what a fantastic job you done love the costumes what a awesome family you are love u Shirl's xxxxxxx

  4. Fantastic Live Super smiley and family really enjoyed it your an amazing person giving all those lovey presents away massive thumbs up from me merry Christmas πŸŽ„πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ„πŸ€©πŸŽ„πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸŽ„πŸ€Άβ˜ƒοΈπŸŽ…β›„

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