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“🎅 Naughty or Nice 🎅” – Hypixel Christmas Update Montage (ALL Christmas Games)

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This video will show you the Christmas update Hypixel has released all brought together to be edited into a montage. Heard of the new Hypixel Christmas Update that Hypixel released in 2019? The new bedwars maps, skywars maps, and festive games that Hypixel released in 2019 are all in this video.

First, I went into many of the Hypixel Christmas Minigames that were released in the Christmas update that hypixel released. Using the map selector option that Hypixel provides I selectively chose the Christmas Maps. These Christmas hypixel mini-games were brought together to make a montage for you all to watch.

The song choice I decided to use for this montage was Naughty or Nice which was made by RiceGum. This was a Christmas themed song that fits well with the theme of Christmas. This wouldn’t be a Christmas montage Afterall with a Christmas themed song by RiceGum, which is why I did decide to pick this song!

In summary, I decided to make a Hypixel Christmas montage varying from grinch simulator, the branded Christmas maps, Santa says mini-game, grinch simulator mini-game, murder mystery maps which were customized to fit the Christmas spirit all into this video.

0:00 2s Bedwars | Map: Festive Winterland
0:20 2s Bedwars | Map: Festive Lotus
0:28 2s Bedwars | Map: Festive Nutcracker
0:35 Skywars | Map: Wreath
0:40 Skywars | Map: Fruitcake
0:46 Skywars | Map: Glazed
0:56 Grinch Simulator
1:12 Santa Simulator
1:20 Santa Says
1:28 Murder Mystery | Map: Snowglobe
1:35 4s Bedwars | Map: Gingerbread
1:39 4s Bedwars | Map: Wrapped Up


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  1. Happy christmas combo lad 👍🏻
    -Old Boy Kat

  2. Nice Montage Cqmbo! Keep up the good work <3

  3. Thats very AWESOME keep up the good work

  4. actually godly, you are very underrated just like updive xD. ricegum song kinda bruh tho

  5. 1)I love the montage a lot 💜
    2)You are very good at Minecraft
    3)your editing is very good
    4)you will be very famous just stream or make video daily
    5)I love your channel

  6. Скай Лайн - будущая легенда :3 says:

    Its wonderful!

  7. im addicted to your montages i love this channel 💕

  8. who made the character in your profile picture and banner?

  9. hey, could you tell me who made the character in your profile picture and banner?


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    As we develop day by day,
    Always follow your luck
    I sincerely hope that your channel will be very big.

  13. long time no talk.. or see what ever it is but nice ass vid

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    I can join your movement on this platform! Can you join mine as well?

  15. Good video. The editing is insane. Really well edited. I wish I could edit this well. Pls checkout my channel

  16. This is really good my mortal friend 🌟👹

  17. THIS IS NOT AD Join the discord or Cqmbo will combo you

  18. Good edits im tryna learn so your great inspiration!

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