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10 BEST Christmas Themed Video Games you Have to Play this Season – Infinite Bits

Infinite Bits
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everybody. Today were looking at games or segments of games that have the best holiday and Christmas themes.

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  1. Thank you for all the support on this random old Christmas video of mine lol. However I think my videos have improved a lot since then so check out my newest video to see a vid that's not as bad as this one. Link: https://youtu.be/-isRumkDWgo

  2. The division is pretty Christmas themed. The section in the mall, or big department store was really cool actually and there are lights throughout the city.

  3. Some traditions of mine are: Gex 3:Holiday Broadcasting, Saint's Row IV:How the Saints Saved Christmas, Mafia 2 chapter 2, Army Men Sarge's Heroes: The last two levels, Twisted Metal 3: Destroying the North Pole, Twisted Metal Small Brawl: the Christmas living room level (I haven't done that in a few years though), Animal Crossing.

  4. Chronicles of Narnia : The lion, the Witch and the warderope. Is my december game

  5. Thank you for giving me an idea what to play in my christmas themed stream. Batman Arkham Origins it is!

  6. Arkham Origins gave me serious Batman Returns vibes. I Love It! 🦇🐈‍⬛🐧

  7. Dude born in the mansion trying to get famous in the 20's, classic

  8. I honestly wanna replay Arkham City instead of Origins for Christmas.

  9. What was the game in the beginning that actually had Santa in it

  10. What about "Cthulhu Saves Christmas"?! It's literally in the name!!

  11. I expected to see Elf Bowling or Santa Claus in Trouble(or Santa Claus in Trouble… again)

  12. I hate it so much when there games in those Videos that are only Festive during holiday season. Do i look like im watching this during Holiday season? We are looking for this during the summer.

  13. I popped over from Pete's xmas special. Nice channel mate and cool Xmas games video! Some great choices there.
    Subbed and looking forward to seeing more! Happy Christmas!

  14. Hi I found your channel cuz you randomly followed me on Twitter. Was not disappointed

  15. umm thanks for the twitter follow idk why you did but thanks

  16. Hey, great video! And thanks for the Twitter follow!

  17. Milk in a bag…..wtf. Fun Fact: Kirby's name is based on the attorney John Kirby who defended Nintendo in court.

  18. Batman: Arkham Origins is a yearly Christmas tradition for me.

  19. Dead Rising 4 is also a good choice. I have my own game tradition every year in December I do a playthrough of New Vegas with a ton of Christmas and winter mods installed. Walking through the Nevada with snow falling, the landscape covered in snow and classic Christmas tunes playing on the pip boy radio can be really comforting.

  20. Hey you never mentioned the santa side scroller from your intro. Whats game is that?

  21. James pond 2 : Robocod on the Mega Drive / Genesis didnt make the list? Oh well ya made up for it with World Of Illusion 😎👍

  22. Saint's Row IV: How the Saints Save Christmass

  23. I love 💖 this video… I was inspired to make my video 👩🏻‍🎨 – Top Retro Christmas Video Game In The World ?! @RazDazThemArt​
    Please have a look and let me know what you think in the comments… ✨😊

  24. There is a few more i just remembered
    Saints row 4 how the saints saved christmas
    Road trip adventure's white mountain
    Crash team racing nitro fueled christmas grand prix (can't do the gp anymore) but you can have christmas skins and karts and painjobs, stickers and wheels and so on and it came with a christmas level

  25. arkham origins is the best Christmas game of all time

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