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10 Weirdest Christmas Video Games of all Time

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Since Christmas is so bizarre, there’s no wonder that Christmas-themed video games can be a little… strange, and you know how much we love peculiar video games, here at Team TripleJump. For today’s festive list, we’re taking a look through the archives to find the most bonkers holiday-adjacent titles that the world of gaming has to offer. From Elf Bowling to Christmas NiGHTS here are 10 Weirdest Christmas Video Games of all Time!

VO: Ashton Matthews (@ScrambledAshton)
Script: Cat Elliott
Video Editor: Lean Bacalzo (@LeanBacalzo)

#ChristmasNights #Elfbowling #christmasgames


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  1. i know its DLC but How The Saints Saved Christmas was always weird to me

  2. I thought Santa was drinking coffee on Daze Before Christmas.

  3. James Pond and his RoboCod-piece
    Am i right? 😮

  4. Yeah unions are great. Force you too pay for the more expensive health insurance option that your employer offers. Then when you break your back at work they send you back to your home state (where the health insurance they made you get is not good.) They drain your retirement and don't get your job back when your healed.
    For all of you that are gonna argue with me this literally happened to me.

  5. I think deathsmiles 2 might have made a good place in this list. A lot of weird stuff in that one! but maybe too niche

  6. You do look like my mum actually…

  7. I love Christmas video games. I love anything Christmas and I don't know why. It just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside to decorate the house and be cozy with some hot tea or chocolate 😊

  8. what about DKC3? if you enter the code MERRY all the BONUS icons turn to presents and the game music becomes festive

  9. Just played parcel corps demo. Did i hear ben!

  10. "Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage" is the weirdest xmas game i can remember playing. Cleaning up the gore left by Santa is difficult to forget. Technically it's a stand-alone game, even though its basically DLC.

    Happy holidays everyone!

  11. Christmas NiGHTS was bundled free with a copy of the Official UK Sega Saturn magazine, the same way we'd get PlayStation Demo Discs.

  12. There’s the recently released Ebenezer and the Invisible World. It’s a Metroidvania that’s a sequel to A Christmas Carol. You play as a newly-reformed Ebenzer Scrooge who, with the help of friendly ghosts, must explore Victorian London and beat wayward spirits and strike-busting goons senseless with his cane in hopes of changing an evil industrialist back to good. The game plays its premise completely straight which ends up making it all the sillier.

  13. It should be illegal for Ashton to be that gorgeous. Love all that you guys do at TJ!

  14. Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare! This is one of the only categories in video games where it could and should get a mention 😭

  15. You forgot one of the key parts of Christmas NiGHTS. After each play through you get to open Christmas presents that give you bonus content

  16. The presenters wouldn't of even been born when Lemmings and James Pond Bubble 0, 7 were released.

  17. If you haven't already you should a list of the best Christmas themed levels or areas in video games. Two of my favorites are

    Freezeezy Peak- Banjo-Kazooie

    Christmas Town- Kingdom Hearts II

  18. Robocod is unironically one of my favourite games ever

  19. oh no, its Blue Stinger erasure. we meet again.

  20. Good Lord.. I own half of these.. "Oh Frank… What are you doing with your life..?"

  21. I was super confused about the explosives comment in the intro until I remember that Christmas crackers are a thing in the UK. If y'all didn't know, we don't have those in the US.


  23. lol oh the young and clueless, F unions

  24. "Don't ask me how Santa's sleigh can fire projectiles". i don't have to. Rudolph's nose fires lasers. Robot Chicken established this.

  25. I mean everyone’s throwing some obscure Christmas games out here which are all good shouts, but surely even if you missed them, you must be aware of dead rising 4? Does that not count?

  26. Toy Commander was my shit! That and Soul Caliber didn't leave my DC until I picked up Shadowman.

  27. "Do I look like your mum?" – Ashton Matthews, 2023

  28. Elf Bowling 1 and 2 were the two things I always played at my Granny's house in the late 90s, I imagine if you had an office job in the late 90s this is what you played around Christmas instead of working

  29. Unions suck!!!!!! If you want work done efficiently and timely, stay the hell away from unions.

  30. What is not weird about Humanity?
    We poison ourself for fun, we make Juice out of Fruits and don't use it the most efficent Way, we somehow like to blow Stuff, nulling all the Effort building it.

  31. Often watch these videos with my kids… dodged a bullet this time though considering you dropped that Santa bombshell 😂

  32. Finally a video that shows true Christmas games, and not "uuh, yeah, this gorey game about shooting things has Christmas lights in one level, what do you mean it's not a Christmas game?????" 😂

  33. Thumbs 👎 for saying santa is fake 🙈

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