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10 Worst Christmas Video Games Of All Time

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Christmas movies, Christmas books and Christmas songs are ten a penny, and often have many successful reruns year on year. The same can’t be said of video games however, and those that DO exist are all too often absolute disasters. From movie tie-ins like The Grinch and Elf: The Movie to Worst Games Ever classics like Santa Claus Saves The Earth and Daze Before Christmas, here are the 10 Worst Christmas Video Games Of All Time!

VO: Peter Austin (@ThatPeterAustin)
Script: Jacob Simmons (@Jacob_Writes)
Video Editor: Ciaran Henry (@CiaranHenry268)

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  1. Sorry, but “don’t @ me/us” has become such a cliché now.

  2. Santa Claus Saves The Earth isn't Number 1?

    Caddicarus is gonna be pissed 😂

  3. What a coincidence, considering Rerez just uploaded a Christmas game video

  4. The Grinch was one of those games I remember renting and wasting my weekend on.

  5. There were quite a few Doom ripoffs back in the day. There was a chex game and a Christian game company called Wisdom Tree made an FPS version of Noah's Ark. That's right. There was once a Christian game company that made Bible themed video games. They branded themselves as Christians to avoid legal trouble because their games weren't exactly licensed by Nintendo.

  6. I don't know why I keep clicking on these TripleJump videos. I don't disagree with the content, I'm just not a fan of the guys constant snarky jokes. I'd rather he not try so hard to be sassy.

  7. Funny, I was just thinking yesterday how much I'd like to play that Grinch game. It's not good and I didn't particularly enjoy it when I played it, but it would really scratch a certain nostalgic itch.

  8. As of today, Thursday Dec 23rd 2021, it's snowing in GTA Online 🙂

  9. Nah bro, The Grinch game on ps1 was dope. Also, The Grinch (and Little Nicky) were my first two DVDs

  10. Yeah I kind of want to play the grinch and that Santa clause 3 game…….

  11. If people want a Christmas doom experience there are tons of WADs to play. If you want one similarly old and janky in that 90s sprite style, try H2H-Xmas.

  12. I had and loved Elf Bowling as a kid 😂

  13. The worst part about Elf Bowling 1 & 2 for GBA and DS? Someone thought it'd be a good idea to take these freeware Flash games, put them onto game cartridges – without the original creator's authorization, mind you – and sell them in stores – also without the original creator's authorization.

  14. Wait what they actually made more then 10 Christmas games and some of them are actually good 😆 🤣

  15. There are also Santa Claus 1 dvd games where you need to get past obstacles using erro keys and answer questions and then after you win you get the prize of watching a little 5 minute Christmas cartoon and then the 2nd Santa Claus you have these missions you need to get by and then last level you have to memorize the colors of which you see I was never able to memorize them all

  16. There's an Elf Bowling movie. It's terrible. Santa was a pirate before he became Santa and Waluigi is his brother.

  17. Elf bowling was good fun on pc. As soon as I saw it I remembered it fondly (from a few decades ago). Simpler times,I miss them

  18. Nah Nah I'm ready to throw hands. The Grinch was an awesome collectathon game.

  19. I am surprised that none of the Home Alone games made it on this list, which are notoriously bad. I am equally surprised that the movie license game based on TOYS (that weird 90s film with Robin Williams) also didn't rank. I had a copy of that game, and it was really frustrating. You end up going around the ZEVO toy factory and destroying weapons with toys that have little to no impact (except for a "Peanut Gun"). The game also changes perspective when players also have to take out elephant-shaped security cameras with a water gun before getting zapped by lasers.

  20. Santa Claus Saves the Earth… You guys played that on Worst Games Ever.

  21. Dead Rising 4, because good luck playing that outside of the season and enjoying it

  22. Elf Bowling is one of the best bowling games ever made.

  23. I can accept the book and the cartoon Grinch as classics. Jim Carrey's movie is a horror show where the dog is the only character that isn't nightmare fuel. I'm glad a game for it matches how much of an abomination Ron Howard foisted upon the world.

  24. Whenever someone says "I've seen Jack Frost", they should only be referring to the spectacle that gave us another way to.. appreciate, yeah that's it, the lovely Shannon Elizabeth-'Jack Frost'

  25. At least the Grinch game accurately nailed his dummy thiccness

  26. Jack Frost, not that one. So the David Jason one?

  27. 6:06 This game's font is comedy gold.


  28. What kind of WhatCulture crap is this??

    *likes video*

  29. 2:56 game critic scolds game mechanic…

    Same game mechanic is used in Overwatch and R6 Siege winter events lmao

  30. Santa Saves the Earth sounds like it should be the sequel to the movie Santa Claus Conquerors the Martians.

  31. Wasn't the Grinch game also for Dreamcast?

  32. The original Elf Bowling got so many of my childhood hours back when it came out. Me and my brothers loved that damn game

  33. Any list with extra Tim Allen sound effects is a plus for me!

  34. The Grinch one looks like my yesterday's nightmare

  35. >clutches of a ravenous polar bear

    So you've met my dad…!

  36. We only had three games for the PS1 back in the day and one of them was The Grinch. We played it over and over again. I have such great memories of it but parts were frustrating but that kind of went with the territory I guess. We went out of our way to get it back a few years ago and I'm proud to own a copy today! It's nostalgia fuel.

  37. Their was a PC Christmas game where you play as Santa with an ice gun and you have to freeze enemies who want to destroy Christmas

  38. Damn, half of the comments are ppl mad about the Grinch being on here lmao

  39. I can attest to the Elf game giving you brain damage

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