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10 Worst Christmas Video Games Of All Time

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Christmas movies, Christmas books and Christmas songs are ten a penny, and often have many successful reruns year on year. The same can’t be said of video games however, and those that DO exist are all too often absolute disasters. From movie tie-ins like The Grinch and Elf: The Movie to Worst Games Ever classics like Santa Claus Saves The Earth and Daze Before Christmas, here are the 10 Worst Christmas Video Games Of All Time!

VO: Peter Austin (@ThatPeterAustin)
Script: Jacob Simmons (@Jacob_Writes)
Video Editor: Ciaran Henry (@CiaranHenry268)

#TheGrinch #Elf #TheSantaClause


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  1. It annually astounds me that Christmas video games are a thing.

  2. I'm getting annoyed by official father Christmas just by looking at it

  3. That thumbnail… I thought it was Yeti Sports

  4. I misread the title as "Top 10 worst Christmases of all time" which I feel would be equally as entertaining and depressing.

  5. Are there any good Christmas games. I mean games that takes place mostly on or around Christmas. Not games with like one level around Christmas

  6. The Grinch is legitimately fun. Cool level design, too.

  7. Ayo you better take The Grinch off this damn list boi 🥺

  8. Too bad I actually like the Grinch. The original 2000 DVD I have came with a demo of it for the PC. I installed it on every computer I've owned since. I love how much you can explore Whoville in it, and I sorely miss that feature in much of today's games.

  9. Knew Elf Bowling would be No.1 it's so notorious

  10. I loved me some elf bowling as a younger man it was a little distraction at a much shitter time of my life.

  11. I would never willingly waste my life watching a movie starring the guy in Elf, The star of that movie is horrid. i cant think of his name, and thats a gift by itself. How Peter could say that any movie starring that guy EVEN HAS charm wit or warmth is shocking

  12. DO NOT FORCE JAMES INTO A BRIAN SCANNER – signed – an actual Brian fearful of the consequences

  13. Am I the only one on the planet that thinks the Jim Carrey Grinch totally sucked? Seriously, when did that film become a classic to so many people?

  14. Oh man. Looking at the other comments Hell hath no fury like Grinch game fans

  15. Honestly if I got Elf Bowling as a Christmas gift I would be so happy, in fact I have a new favorite gag gift. I just wish they made it for more platforms

  16. Can't have a list including Tim Allen without playing the Heeeugh

  17. If you think Die Hard is a Christmas movie you are just wrong

  18. I actually rather liked playing Elf Bowling and its sequel with the shuffleboard esthetic on my grandfather's computer as a kid. Had no idea there were 8 other installments though.

  19. Maybe they could make a Christmas story video game lol. Great movie

  20. Elf bowling is great. Awful but great. Even better if you mmute the audio.

  21. 4 years ago i was teaching myself to make video games and it was a few days from Christmas and i got a developers account for the google play store to release games on. i was working on a 2d platformer to learn and i wanted to get a feel for the whole processes of finishing and releasing a game on the play store so i know what to expect when i have a serious game to release. so i through together a Christmas themed game that was 2d bc my computer sucked, put some royalty free Christmas music on it and released it. the game was bad, your in a slay flying over houses covered in snow, you move at a contestant speed and cant slow down. you only can tap the screen anywhere and it will drop a randomly colored present with a parachute and you have to time it so that they land in the chimneys of each of the houses. it was very hard bc if the present misses the chimney or you skip a house then it ends the game and you get a score which is 1 point per present delivered and it saves your high score and you try to beat it. it was so hard that i only made the one level and made it pretty long as i was sure no one would be able to make it to the end where there are no more houses and nothing left to the game. it was lazy but the point was to sorta finish a game and release it for the learning experience. i only had a 6 inch tablet to play test on so i think there was probably issues playing it on phones bc even though very few people downloaded it, i did have someone say that the top of the screen where the slay is was cut off but idk if that was true bc i only made the bottom half of the slay so you couldn't see Santa. i tried my best to make the slay look good being red and gold and some coolish designs on the side of it. all the art was hand drawn by myself and i wanted to release it by Christmas so i only had 2 days to draw all the assets, do all the coding, finding royalty free music and coding the audio stuff and put it all together and test it, then had to build it which made it an app then make the apps icon and then push it over onto my tablet to test it on there. then as soon as i was done i released it and had done so just under 48 hours from starting. it was a terrible game but i still played it for a while trying to get a good high score. i don't have the game files bc of a hard drive failure that took out that and a few other games, the big one being the one i was currently working on and was 3 months in and had done a shit ton of work and was really proud of what i had done and i was dumb and didn't back up my files and it was devastating. the only thing i have left now is the art assets that i had on google drive and that game and another unfinished mobile game on my old tablet. the game was taken off of the play store a few years ago when they changed the terms of service and they said it violated it which i couldn't find anything violating the TOS so i wasn't able to reupload it plus its so old now that it won't run on newer android hardware and i don't have the original project files to go in and updated it. bc of my hard drive failure i quite making games for a while but started doing it again but unable to come up with a really good game idea that i can make with my computer specs so while i was making music for my game on my computer using a DAW, i ended up really liking it so now i have been putting all my time into producing/composing music. i still mess around making small games just for fun but i have been thinking about trying to come up with a cool way to make some sort of game experience for my music, kind of like a interactive music album or something. plus if i ever have a good game idea, then i will just do it while im still making music since i love making music so much. i have always played instruments since i was a kid like guitar, drums, trombone, and a few others. but i sucked at writing my own songs till just a few years ago when i started playing guitar again after a bad break up and was able to write my own stuff and got good at improvising but was never able to record any of it and i sold my electric guitar years ago to get the computer i have now so all i have is an acoustic guitar but i don't use it in my music. i mainly use instruments that i make in a synthesizer doing sound design. which i do sound design for instruments and i also make all kinds of other sounds that are not really musical but more for sound effects and stuff. i make presets in the synth i use and im going to be selling packs of presets to other producers and stuff to hopefully make some money along with my music which i will be releasing my first album soon on Spotify. some of my music is on my sound cloud for now till i can afford to pay for a Spotify account so i can upload as much as i want bc its not free, you only get one free upload i believe. this is already too long, sorry. there is still plenty more to say but im sure no one cares anyways lol. so ill just say this is todays journal entry lol. love you all! happy holidays!

  22. I don't think Terror in Christmas town is a doom clone, rather it's a Wolfenstein 3D clone

  23. I'm still waiting for the Black Christmas film based title! It would have to be based on the Bob Clark version of course and not the abominations that followed especially the Sophia Takei insult to the movie making industry!

  24. I love that half the comments on here are people furious over The Grinch making the list 🤣🤣

  25. I loved the pc version of elf bowling. One of my favourite childhood games.

  26. Yeah I liked Jack Frost too. My favourite scene was the Snowman Killing Shannon Elizabeth in the shower …..…….oh hang on that's not the Jack Frost you're referring to is it!

  27. Ah the Commodore 64 and Vic 20 the PlayStation 5s of their day!

  28. I don't know why but whenever I see the Grinch these days two words spring immediately to mind – Denise Salcedo!

  29. Did you hear about the anarchist Christmas figure that tried to kill the monarch at 20 foot in the air – Thats right they were charged with High Treason – get it!

  30. Re the Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Game I've got one question – why was the factory employing what was clearly a kangeroo – oh sorry that was supposed to be a reindeer!

  31. How is it possible to buy shares of your company?

  32. Holy shit! I played Elf Bowling on PC like mad as a wee lad, must have been in 1998! My grandparents had it for some reason hahaha 😅 when you missed, sometimes the elves would turn around and moon you, and slap their buttcheeks and say, "Who's your daddy?" And no I'm not joking. I remember it vividly, my poor 6 year old mind

  33. The Polar Express had a bad video game and pc elf bowling was legit bro…

  34. I was a big of Polar Bowler. Probably my favorite winter-themed game.

  35. Does it absolutely bug the hell out of anyone else that, in the CD-I Mario clone, the person playing couldn’t defeat a single enemy and routinely died in easily avoidable fashions? That was like watching a spoon slide fully into a bowl of soup over and over. Idk maybe I have anxiety.

  36. 1:36 Why are you playing the spanish version of the Grinch game?

  37. Parasite Eve is the greatest Christmas game of all time. Bar none.

  38. How you gonna do the Grinch like that? I absolutely loved that game.

  39. The Santa Clause movies are IN NO WAY alright…

  40. Elf bowling? How dare you I played the original off of a floppy disc in the 90s and it was jokingly amazing but it was meant to be silly. Do your research a lil better ☺️

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