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12 Games of Christmas – Children’s Games

The Dice Tower
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Tom suggests great children’s games for the holidays,

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  1. Tom thanks for this video it is excellent!

  2. Please tell me where in the US magic maze kids is in stock??

  3. Snow was a nice subtle touch! Not over done. Good job!

  4. I love the way Tom says “valcanoes” 😂 great list. 👍

  5. Great picks from Mr. Vasel here, but if you really respect your kids and you want to show them you do by introducing them to a game with a bit more meat on it, choose Tainted Grail. It will do an excellent job of teaching them about overcoming Wyrdness, battling for survival, and it has miniatures so toys they get to play with!

  6. It would've been great if Tom had made some commentary around the age bracket recommended for each game.

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