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12 Games of Christmas – Family Games

The Dice Tower
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The Dice Tower crew and our amazing contributors recommend games for your holiday shopping needs! Today, it’s selections for any gamers on your list:

0:00 Intro
1:51 Kingdomino Origins
3:04 Cascadia
4:02 Super Mega Lucky Box
4:56 Star Wars Unlock
6:05 Space Base
7:21 Parks
8:22 Calico
9:26 King of Tokyo Dark Edition
10:00 Picture Perfect
11:12 Kabuto Sumo
12:18 Micro Macro Crime City
13:30 7 Wonders: Architects

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  1. Micro Macro… I'll look into that one.

  2. My christmas wish list is getting bigger with every video..

  3. Yes!!! Love seeing B on the Dice Tower. Great suggestion 😊 will be looking into Cascadia Thanks B!

    Plus Our Family Play Games another great pick with Parks!

  4. Man Cascadia is getting props all over the place – have to give that one a try, appeals far more than Calico.

  5. Chris – your picks make me want to meet your family!

  6. I'd probably scratch Micro Macro off the list as some of the content isn't great for younger family members. 😅

  7. Did Clara call kids "younglings"? Too soon haha

  8. Love these Christmas list videos. Such a great idea to help grow the hobby!

  9. It'd be good if you said how many players each game allows… families are different sizes so this would be really useful info

  10. I am super interested in Micro Macro but I am concerned about the material for the huge picture. Is it just a piece of paper? I feel like it would be in tatters in no time, unless it's more sturdy.

  11. I live for every time Tom says “Ar-key-tects.” 🙂

  12. Thanks so much for these lists. I got two games for my nephews from this list. Thank you especially to Clara and Ambie. Cheers guys.

  13. 12 newer Family Games that should be available in retail in no specific order.
    1. Oceanos
    2. Azul
    3. Gorinto
    4. Sheriff of Nottingham
    5. Fabled Fruit
    6. Lanterns: The Harvest Festival
    7. Ten
    8. Archaeology: The New Expedition
    9. Ticket to Ride: New York
    10. Ohanami
    11. Similo
    12. Push

  14. Thank you Chris for reminding me about my interest in Super Mega Lucky Box…bought the game as soon as you finished talking about it 😄

  15. Gamenerdz is out of stock in a lot of what I want :/

  16. Some great suggestions here! The only one I didn't like was calico. I found the patterns too similar and ultimately really frustrating. bummer!

  17. Great review, seriously considering 7 Wonders Architects at the moment…and Calico.

  18. I look forward to these Christmas lists every year!!! Please don’t stop making them!

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