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12 Games of Christmas – Games for Two

The Dice Tower
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Zee shares The Dice Towers 12 Games of Christmas – Games for Two! A board game Christmas gift shopping guide!

Intro 0:00
The Fox in the Forest Duet 1:08
Unmatched: Jurassic Park – InGen vs. Raptors 1:51
Mandala 2:41
Nagaraja 3:23
Kingdomino Duel 4:15
Robin of Locksley 5:10
Paris: La Cité de la Lumière 6:09
Monolith Arena 7:15
Claim 8:11
Targi 9:03
Caper 9:46
Kero 10:33

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  1. Thanks, it's holiday gift giving time and you are a great help!

  2. I love zee’s videos. One thing I will say is that there might be too many sentences that say ‘x is engaging’ or ‘x is captivating’ . A bit too repetitive and doesn’t really say much . Just a minor point really

  3. Mandala, Paris La Cite and Targi are all wonderful. Especially Mandala. One of the best 2 player games ever and it’s only been out for a few months.

    Caper isn’t available anywhere in the US as far as I can research, or at least not at a reasonable price.

  4. Another awesome list. Stellar has also been a great 2p addition to our collection. 🙂

  5. Lol, great video Zee, but I do not like any of the games on the list spart from Unmatched

  6. This is a great list for 2020, I will be using a lot of these games for gifts this year, Thanks!

  7. Really great variety here, Zee. I like how you threw in a couple of perennial favorites but also introduced a lot of new ideas. I might just finally pull the string and buy Caper. Just looks like a lot of fun for two. Thanks for the contribution.

  8. Seeking Santa are the one 2p game we'll be playing this Christmas. Simple game with high strategy.

  9. Alright- go ahead and take a drink every time Zee is 'captivated.' I'll call the ambulance! 🤣🤣

  10. Great list 😍
    Only game I miss is Fugitive from Tim Fowers.
    This game has a great theme and a lot of tension in it.

  11. No love for War of the Ring 2.0? C’mon man!

  12. Everytime I watch one of Zee's list, I go from "I'm all set with games for now" to "must check out those 2 awesome games he described" …

  13. I assume 7 Wonders Duel isn't on the list 'cause you assume folks have it already. Maybe same for Hanamikoji? My other go-to 2-player game is Pyramid Poker.

  14. How is 51st state not on there? It’s your favorite game Zee and it’s Perfect for two.

  15. This one is out of print, but BioShock Infinite: Siege of Columbia is a fantastic two player game. If the IP is one that intrigues you it's worth hunting down.

    That said I purchased it without playing any BioShock games because I found the alternate history theme and gameplay unique. I was not disappointed.

  16. Hi Zee, supper work already discovered beastly games through the dice tower. But I have to say something. Targi is a nice game with a tactical side, but I do miss the mention that there is a lot of randomness in the cards, making planning almost impossible and luck playing more of a role. tactical games Bruxelles1897 or a game you like less Agricola 2pl😉 are games that surpass targi for me. but that being said everyone has his taste btw nice list there are a few that fascinate me.

  17. Paris City of Lights sounds interesting. I’ve had Caper on my wish list for a while. But 2 player games aren’t hitting the table as much now.

  18. I just love Zee's videos and taste in games. Seems lately Dice Tower has given more face time to Mike Dilisio and Roy Cannaday. I hope that's what Zee wants … I'd hate to see him leave. Then again, maybe I'm totally wrong …

  19. Cool vid Zee. I’d like to add some ideas for folks. 2 player games are my jam!
    Pandemic Legacy Season 1
    A Feast for Odin
    Dice Masters (any set that appeals to you)
    If you need more ideas hit me up!

  20. Great video Zee! Thank you so much for showing the board and pieces for each 👍

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