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Exactly like last year, No Gravity Games is back with its Christmas game giveaway! This time it’s called ’12 games of Christmas, with a total of 13(!) titles to be won (one extra if you sign up for the newsletter). It starts on 5 December and runs until 16 December, when you’ll be able to unlock lots of excellent indie titles for free.

*This offer is only valid for Nintendo accounts assigned to the Americas region.

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  1. It doesn't allow me to redeem, I have to buy it😓 1 day

  2. and how does it work? no decent info on the site

  3. Thank you for the free games again, you guys are awesome

  4. To put it simply, there's 1 free game a day for 12 days. You must redeem that free game to get the next game free, for the next 12 days.

  5. Why Europe Is never involved in these giveways? 😠

  6. I already own 75% of there games lol. They just have great sales now and again

  7. I don't think I've heard of a single one of these games but I'll give it a try! Maybe they're good 😊

  8. This is really cool. I'm kind of a sucker for free/super discounted games! If I haven't played it, it's new to me! Even coming in 2 days late, I don't mind paying for Exorder or Graviter at super discounted prices to get the rest for free. This was a cool idea, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what's coming next! Merry Christmas!

  9. Yeah, it’s a major freaking scam it never worked from the beginning every day it’s always tried to charge me money and it’s absolutely ridiculous. It was never free and I’ve told a lot of other people about it and they were never able to do it either. This company is ridiculous.

  10. Why didn't know about this 9 days ago.. Well rip missed all free games

  11. got home from work and 10 mins from midnight, downloaded kitty force, and now its 12 mins past midnight. offically 12/11/2022…wheres the free game download?

  12. I subscribed to the newsletter but never got the code for the pirates game 🙁

  13. Do you send another code through the email, once you've claimed the previous one? Do you get a new one?

  14. Loving tue give away out of 11 games I've o ly had 3 of them and I am stoked about today's free game golden force. Thank you 🎄🎁👍

  15. Thank you no gravity for the give a way, I only got 3 free because I owned the rest, still thank you

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