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12 Games of Christmas – Kids Games

The Dice Tower
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The Dice Tower crew and our amazing contributors recommend games for your holiday shopping needs! Today, it’s selections for the younger gamers on your list:

0:00 Intro
1:33 Marshmallow Test
2:19 Hammer Time
3:13 Dragomino
4:04 Dr. Eureka
5:14 First Orchard
5:51 Outfoxed!
6:36 Kids’ Chronicles
7:44 Andor Family
8:51 Rhino Hero
10:10 Animal Upon Animal
10:55 Go Away Monster
11:50 Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy

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  1. Do you have any specific recommendations for color blind people?

  2. Outfoxed is a great Kids game! And one of the few i enjoy myself

  3. Kids Chronicles Quest for the Moon Stone isn't being released until after Christmas on GameNerdz. I'm very excited for it though!

  4. Ice Cool was the first game I gave my niece and nephew and it’s still one of their favorites. So much fun!

  5. Our 2 year old was just introduced to Go Away Monster and he loves it. Our 6 year still enjoys it from time to time. Every little kid should play that game. He also likes First Orchard. Can't recommend them enough.

    Great list thanks Dice Tower! Going to look into Outfoxed, Kids Chronicles and YYMT.

  6. Wow, I feel so honoured to be on your list, Tom!

  7. Marshmallow test is based off the psych experiment from Stanford in 1972. But it’s been debunked.

  8. I'm shocked Quest Kids did not make the list. A GREAT game for younger kids.

  9. Love how you decided to include so many contributors this year! The list is much more diverse and different from previous years. Good call! Love it!

  10. Enchanted Tower is my 3 year old's favorite game and we have many of the Haba and other games in this video.

  11. Another 12 I HIGHLY recommend which you should be able to find: Zombie Kidz Evolution, My First Castle Panic, ICE COOL, Dragon Snacks, Best Treehouse Ever: Forest of Fun, Coconuts, Monster Factory, Robot Turtles, Labyrinth, Bugs in the Kitchen, Go Go Gelato, Marvel BattleWorld

  12. Love the Midwest 'roof' by WeGameTogether. Makes me miss my family in Iowa! Overall, loving this series!

  13. Dragomino is my 3 year oldest FAVORITE game. Really fun game.

  14. Outfoxed is an excellent game. One if the ones parent are always happy to play.

  15. Nice list except a few of the games are not out yet and won't be release until Dec 31st 2021….so definitely not going to work as Christmas presents…..also No review up for them! Hope you guys find time to put up reviews for these games so we can check them out more in depth. 👍

  16. Having a 4 and 6yr old and having tried to find games for them in the past 4 years, I do find these lists close to USELESS. I am sorry to say. And that is because the "Kids" category does not really exist. A 4yr, a 6yr and 8yr will have drastic different skill sets so we need to be way more specific if we want to make useful lists to gaming parents. The ability to read, to add, to subtract and then to multiply for example will drastically change which games are accessible. Then you have their logical abilities, an 8Yr can strategize in ways a 5yr simply cant. I appreciate the DT always putting lists for Kids but I must say (and I hope this is constructive) it would be MUCh more useful to have lists for specific age segments. Even when people use the "it is all relative" argument, age specific segments will be more useful as a starting point than the broad "Kids" segment.

  17. Outfoxed is our favourite family game right now, with a 5YO and an 8YO.

  18. Some fantastic recommendations here!

    Go Away Monster was the game that my son first really enjoyed and wanted to keep coming back to. The reviewer nailed what's great about this one.

    First orchard is also a huge hit, as is the memory version of the same game.

    Notable omissions from this list;

    My first castle panic – a fun colour and shape matching game

    Viva topo – a fantastic dice chucker and push your luck game, where you're mice trying to see how far you can go to collect the most cheese before the cat catches up to you.

    Kids of Carcassone – we only played this recently, but while all the other games are fun in their own way for us adults, this was the first that scratched a little of my own gaming satisfaction itch while playing.

  19. Race for the Treasure is a fantastic tile laying and cooperative game for kids that, as an adult, I’ve always enjoyed playing, too.

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