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12 Games of Christmas – Party Games

The Dice Tower
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The Dice Tower’s 2016 Holiday Shopping Guide!

00:00 – Introduction
00:49 – #1
01:33 – #2
02:31 – #3
03:15 – #4
04:35 – #5
06:06 – #6
07:15 – #7
08:38 – #8
09:51 – #9
10:39 – #10
12:13 – #11
13:44 – #12

Junk Art – Review here:

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong – Review here:

Codenames Pictures – Review here:

Unusual Suspects – Review here:

Spyfall – Review here:

America – Review here:

Kaleidos – Review here:

Bang: The Dice Game – Review here:

Dead Last – Review here:

Don’t Mess with Cthulhu – Review here:

Ca$h ‘N’ Guns – Review here:

Speechless – Review here:

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  1. They are so talkative but i like the video

  2. The image on the screen during the explanation of "Deception: Murder in Hong Kong" was a star wars game.

  3. Hey Tom, Star Wars Rebellion shows during the Deception MiHK description.

  4. what the heck you showing photos for starwars or something when you were talking about deception murder in hong kong

  5. Hypnotoad says "you will buy Rebellion. It is Star Wars in a box. Party games are for suckas."

  6. is the store called cool stuff games? or cool stuff inc?

  7. "Cool stuff games" Three in a row. I assume they probably recorded these the same day though.

  8. Cash & Guns- the game you play at airports while you wait! Jk

  9. 13:40… I cannot resist the urge… "Are you talking to me? There's no one else here, soyou must be talking to me…"

  10. Does cash n guns play good with 4 people? I'm hesitating on buying it…

  11. deception looks different to the last time I played it lol

  12. Sam looks like a cross between a raindeer, and a teen aspiring martial artist under the tutelage of a senior grand master.

  13. Question, I know why you don't put the list on for other top tens but for these why not? You're trying to us to buy them for people for Xmas right? Just asking.

  14. I really like this format for videos. Its kind of a nice break from top 10 videos, which i enjoy very much but sometimes they are a bit long. Id enjoy seeing more videos like this from you in the future (post-christmas)

  15. Why is Star Wars Rebellion being shown at 2:20 during the Deception: Murder in Hong Kong entry?

  16. Good list, except for Unusual Suspects. Wow, what a bad choice. That should be on the top 10 games NOT to bring to a large party gathering.. and it would probably be number 1. For kids, teach them to stereotype . Bring out drunk grandpa's racism. Get people pissed at each other. Fun! /headslap Terrible, terrible choice, Zee.

    The rest of the list is pretty good, though I suspect Speechless is in there just to help sales of a Dice Tower Essential that I'm guessing are severely lagging. You can see why they picked up Robin Hood, and Onitama is a new classic …they seem like possibly essential games… but Speechless? Really? …sorta ruined my impression of what the line is/was supposed to be.

  17. Guys guys, I suddenly just realized that Tom looks exactly like Black Shelton. Seriously :))

  18. Zee did you actually ask Tom how to pronounce something! haha

  19. Santa, Princess and Budolph! You guys are the best!

  20. The Party games I recommend:

    Balderdash/Beyond Balderdash:
    Telestrationsrations (there is a 12 player pack available, which I recommend)
    Werewolf /Ultimate Werewolf: Deluxe Edition
    Say Anything
    CA$H'n GUN$s 2nd edition
    One Night Ultimate Werewolf
    Good Cop Bad Cop
    Wits and Wagers Family Edition (there are other editions, I recommend this one)

  21. Eagerly awaiting IELLO's version of "Timebomb"… Don't mess with Cthulhu is hideous.

  22. Yeesh. The holidays are in desperate need of a makeover.

  23. yeah you can do the theory of all the games but it is way more better to explain the games with pratice

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