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12 Games of Christmas – Party Games

The Dice Tower
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The Dice Tower crew and our amazing contributors recommend games for your holiday shopping needs! Today, it’s selections for the party gamers on your list:

0:00 Intro
1:23 Dreadful Circus
2:53 Time’s Up
4:04 Wavelength
5:06 Decrypto
5:47 Stay Cool
6:41 Cross Clues
7:44 One Key
9:16 Detective Club
10:45 Letter Jam
11:44 Mysterium Park
13:13 So Clover!
14:29 5 Minute Marvel

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  1. A real WC event should have qualifiers around the globe. My guess is there will be 85-90% anerican participants.
    But that aside it will be a great event.

  2. Is it already time for this? Some of my favorite DT videos every year.

  3. Is One Key essentially an identical game to Similo?

  4. Glad to see 5 Minute Marvel mentioned. It desperately needs expansions

  5. I really like how you incorporated a bunch of other people in this vid :]

  6. Could you send the link to the video with a Stay Cool live play?

  7. As soon as I saw Tom, I gave this video a like, and I never like videos

  8. Such a cool idea for a video! I love the Dice Tower crew and it was fun to see the contributors getting involved, too!

  9. Merry Christmas everybody! Well, I celebrate Halloween for the month of November and then Christmas for December.

  10. LOVE your outfit this year Tom! That penguin tie is especilly fetching 😍

  11. Ambie’s picks really resonated with me, Wavelength and Letter Jam. Haven’t played either, but interested in both.

  12. I love these Christmas videos and look forward to them each year, but I really don't like this format. I like it when you guys are together talking about the games.

  13. I hope that there will be a livestream for the WSBG. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. It would be cool to see the event grow into something like EVO for fighting games.

  14. Dreadful circus and so clover are my picks for this year

  15. A party game we love that doesn’t get mentioned a lot is Blank Slate! The best part is that you get a ton of cards with it so it’s super replayable!

  16. anyone know the video where DT play Stay Cool?

  17. Best explanation of wavelength…I was a bit confused about how the dial worked. Getting it for Christmas now, Thanks Ambie!

  18. I own most of them or can play them with other material I own (detective club with dixit cards and cross clues with codenames cards). I recently bought In the palm of your hand, dixit meets paranormal detectives. Now only organise a gamenight!

  19. The Stay Cool playthrough you mentioned isn't showing up on your channel.

  20. Wing It would fit this list! It is so funny hearing how people address the scenario using the random resources they received.

  21. Would love to see a list of games that are fun to watch other people play, like Stay Cool

  22. Lots of word games and deduction games on this year’s list. I will add a couple of these to my collection, Stay Cool in particular, but I need to find more dexterity games like Rhino Hero.

  23. I wan to play Dreadful circus gameplay for my family christmas presents. Starting with a noodle necklace and tryin to convince them that it could be bettet or worse. Wonderful artworks

  24. Just One! A great party game that should have been on this list.

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