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12 Games of Christmas: Party Games

The Dice Tower
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Tom, Zee, Mike, & Roy share The Dice Tower’s 12 Games of Christmas Party games! A board game Christmas gift shopping guide!

00:00 – Introduction
01:34 – #12
02:24 – #11
03:44 – #10
04:25 – #9
05:27 – #8
06:14 – #7
07:32 – #6
08:11 – #5
09:09 – #4
10:06 – #3
11:20 – #2
12:05 – #1

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  1. When you do these ranking/listings, can you put the links to the video reviews for each games? (I think it will help with the view counts too.)

  2. 12 Games of Listmas Christ… Reverend Spooner approves!

  3. For 2020 we need the 12 best games to play over zoom.

  4. Your transitions on these videos are very enjoyable

  5. I am not liking this format at all, it's informative and I am getting ideas for Christmas games to buy this year, but it hasn't been fun to watch., not like other years with the more interaction with each other. I hope this is a COVID thing and not a normal thing. It just feels like a bunch of commercials strung together.

  6. Everyone has their own tastes, but I do enjoy this format. Interactions between presenters is enjoyable, but given the limitations of social distancing technology, I feel the way you guys have put these together works really well. Plus some great picks. Skull? Would have never heard of that one. It's going into the Festivus game night grab bag.

  7. Where in the heck can I pick up Coyote? Can't find it anywhere online!

  8. QE !!! Such a good game!!!
    Try it ! It’s better thn what it look like!

  9. Appreciated the extra editing and dedicated zoom-ins to refresh the format a Little bit

  10. It's not available in English (yet?), but my favorite party game of 2020 is Top Ten.

  11. How many of these lists did you guys tape in a single day? 😄

  12. Mike, I'd love if you moved Pax Pamir somewhere else or rotated the box. It's name appears directly below every game box like a subtitle. Super minor but once I saw it I can't look away 😉

  13. Thank you for your selection. As for me, i ve tried Master Word, and i defo think like you, it s a great game!

  14. FYI I bought Wavelength because of the Shut Up & Sit Down review. Game fell flat with my group.

  15. Definitely like this short and concise format for your buying guides.

  16. When is Coyote being released in the US? That game looks really good.

  17. I bought Obscurio because we loved Mysterium and we hated it. Not enough interaction, too much downtime with closed eyes, too much wasted time without gameplay.

  18. Must be some kind of Codenames fatigue going on as that is always hit for us.

  19. Looking forward to playing "Coyote" over the christmasholidays with wife and family

  20. This list doesn't feel complete without Sam Healey saying "Bang! The Dice Game" 😂

  21. Such a good point about how there are so many crappy party games out there. It is honestly hard to make a great party game. But what is crazy is the best ones a lot of time have hardly any rules. Look at just one. That is such a ridiculously simple concept, yet it works and it works well (especially in this age of covid). You would think designers could bang out tons of compelling party games, but it's clearly not that simple.

  22. Nobody listed the Blockbuster Party Game? If you love movies at all it's such a good team based party game. 😊

  23. Wow Mike’s taste in games lines up a lot with mine. His 3 party games are all in my collection already and are go to games when we have a decent size group together!

  24. I’m surprised Codenames, Dixit, Hive Mind, Monikers, etc. weren’t mentioned.

  25. Have tried to find Coyote on Amazon, but no joy…Did it go under a previous name before?

  26. This is brilliant…I teach 8 kids and these are all so welcome! Much appreciated!

  27. I'm surprised not to see Kosmopoli:t here, it's easily the most interesting party game this year, and maybe for a number of years… Plays 4 to 8 players, with an app and a headset, with everyone trying to guess and decypher the weird dishes the waitress just named…
    Works with kids (provided they can easily read and get written phonetics) and adults alike. Lasts exactly 6 minutes. A lot of pressure, so it's more focus than laughs during those 6 minutes, but you laugh right after and immediately want to do another game and change roles!

  28. Wow, such a great mix here guys. Thanks so much. I was able to find at least 2 that I can play virtually with my game group.

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