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12 Games of Christmas – Party Games

The Dice Tower
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Tom, Sam and Zee present their party game gift ideas!

00:00 – Introduction
01:11 – #12
02:32 – #11
03:53 – #10
04:23 – #9
05:53 – #8
07:26 – #7
08:18 – #6
10:22 – #5
11:39 – #4
12:39 – #3
13:50 – #2
14:57 – #1

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  1. Wanted a list with ”classics”. Love Just One and Junk Art.

  2. Affiliate links?! Why don't you make it easy on us while making $$$ yourselves?

  3. I was wondering where the new lists were!

  4. Shoutout to Sam for picking cptn.sonar. however… although the game is great, I would most def say it's on the heavy side of the party game spectrum!. Btw; Codenames (pictures!) would be my #1

  5. Hip hip hooray! You talked about board games and kept the random chatter to a bare minimum! I like when my favorite board game channel focuses on talking about board games!

  6. When I Dream has quickly become my best-buy of 2018.
    After every time we've played a game there's a couple people saying how much they love the game. It always deliverers a quality time

  7. The only auto-generated captions are in Korean…?

  8. I miss Magic Mace, cool Party game with a very unique mechanism in my opinion.

  9. I was waiting for these christmas videos!! I already feel on vacations. 🙂

  10. Marvel is the better movie universe there is no doubt….but DC comics blows Marvel comics out of the water.
    I like that balance of power between the two companies.

  11. I havent watched in a while but your lighting and quality video wise is really good, good job.

  12. I love that Zee just doubles down on the weird stuff when questioned. Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho was awesome.

  13. Patriots and redcoats is almost secret Hitler

  14. Wait … where's Zee's Christmas hat (aka legs)?

  15. That intro from Zee was the bomb ! He just sold “Just One” to me !

  16. I would have to nitpick Say Anything being for "any group". This game really doesn't work with people you don't know. For example, the question is "What's the best board game?" You don't know that person so you just toss out what you think it is. That's not fun. Then you have to bet on a bunch of answers, and you have absolutely no clue which are good answers and which aren't, because you don't know this person. All this is even worse for the stranger, who probably knows one person at the table. So almost the entire game for them is zero-knowledge guessing followed by zero-knowledge betting. Not fun.

  17. When I Dream is out of stock on coolstuff! Feels bad man.

  18. I'm glad we got my least favorite category out of the way.

  19. Hey Sam, in case you read this, Do you like Codenames Pictures more then Codenames Marvel? If so, why? It has pictures and it is Marvel. Just wanna know

  20. ''Just One'' is not really new. It's a reprint of ''We are Words''. And it's designed by the 7th Continent's designers 🙂

  21. I love the artwork of spyfall! Cryptozoic has beautiful games, don't you think?

  22. Toms most boring party games, and thats pretty weird.
    Im getting spyfall dc, just for variation,whan i dream and captain sonar ;). Ahh magical time just around the corner!

  23. Zee: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
    Now I have a machine gun

  24. I just got Pictomania for $10 at the Miniature Market Black Friday sale. Glad it's on the list.

  25. These are always some of my favorite DT videos each year. I was waiting for these. Thanks guys! Missing the bizarro hats though.

  26. Camel Up is always a fantastic game. Somehow it always turns into amusing trash talking.

  27. Played Hail Hydra for the 1st time last night, loved it!

  28. Talking about team building, i would throw in Magic Maze as well 😉

  29. I think I've watched enough DT videoes that I can almost guess a lot of Tom's and Sam's lists (lots of repetition across the videoes). Zee, with the exception of Pandemic-based games, is a mixed bag of surprises every time! Love these guys!

  30. ❤️🎄❤️🌟❤️☃️❤️ 🎁

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