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12 Games of Christmas: Solo Games

The Dice Tower
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Mike DiLisio covers 12 solo games as part of The Dice Tower’s 12 Games of Christmas, a board game Christmas gift shopping guide!

00:00 – Introduction
01:32 – #12
02:29 – #11
03:34 – #10
04:36 – #9
05:47 – #8
06:44 – #7
07:37 – #6
08:31 – #5
09:37 – #4
10:40 – #3
11:34 – #2
12:29 – #1

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  1. I spy Pax Pamir behind you, which also has a good solo mode.

  2. Cant believe we are getting close to the top10s of the year… wow

  3. A true solo game, Friedemann Friese's Friday, is an excellent stocking stuffer, both for it's size and it's price. And Marvel Champions which is rising up to challenge Aeon's End as my go-to hero v boss/minion solo game deserves a mention.

  4. I am not a solo gamer but Mike looked lonely in my feed so I had to pop by to give it a watch :).

  5. Once again, watching for potential presents for myself!

    Great job, Mike, but I feel you are wearing too much blue. Also some of these are pretty pricey (Street Masters, Nemesis); maybe consider doing a bang-for-your-buck version of these gifting lists.

  6. Coffee Roaster is fantastic. My top Solo games are This War of Mine, Nemesis, and Tainted Grail

  7. Thanks for the list mike, definitely have some new stuff to check out :]

  8. No solo out of the box? There are a lot of great solo games that could've replaced Mezo on the list.

  9. I hate sologaming, but Mike is still great!

  10. In Nemesis, noise tokens represent noises you are hearing, which might be an intruder, not noise you are making.

  11. For Lighter, yet wonderful, true solo games I would recommend Maquis, Pocket Landships and Lux Aeterna

  12. Seriously, how could anyone legitimately give this a thumb down? The thumbs are not intended to be used as a way to express that your opinion differs from the opinions expressed in the video. It also makes no sense to use the thumb down because you have different opinions on the game selection. Thumbing down hurts the channel overall, not just this one video. If you don't like the channel and hope to see no more videos then the thumb down is the right choice. If you want more of these high quality videos, regardless of your differing opinion, give it a thumb up, then express your differing opinion in the comments. Rant over.

  13. Star Wars:OUTER RIM $51.96 on Amazon

    Town Builder: Coevorden $25.64 +shipping on Geek Market

    A FEAST FOR ODIN $79.99 on Amazon


    The Castles of Burgundy : The Dice Game $15.99 on Amazon

    SUBURBIA $104.75 on Amazon (Collector's edition only available)

    Sherlock Holmes Consulting: Detective Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures Strategy Board Game $41.99 on Amazon

    Tiny Epic Galaxies -Blast Off $19.97 on Amazon

    Arkham Horror – The Card Game $35.96 on Amazon

    Portal Games Imperial Settlers, Multi-Colored $37.76 on Amazon

    Palm Island $24.99 on Amazon

    Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden $65.00 +shipping on Geek Market

    Black Sonata $35.00 +shipping on Geek Market

    Hostage Negotiator $24.99 on Amazon

    Shephy $50.90 on Amazon

    Fields of Arle $82.12 on Amazon

    Blackout: Hong Kong $37.95 on Amazon

    I hope you may see, there is a range of different games and price points.

  14. I’m so annoyed at people misinterpreting the thematic value of the noise tokens in Nemesis. The game makes much more sense when you get this right.

  15. I was really hoping Zee would have been involved with this video, Mike has very different taste then my own and many of these games are well over the price limit for gifting out to friends or family

  16. I'm not a huge Solo gamer but I just played Pandemic Hot zone. For me, it was a good time. It took me about 25 minutes, wasn't a brain burner, and was easily to manager multiple characters. I found it pleasant. I'd call it a good solo gateway game.

  17. A lot of crossover with you there Mike. Great taste in games. I also picked up Blue moon city after seeing it on your greatest games list. Thanks for your videos and recommendations. It’s greatly appreciated.

  18. Nemesis is almost unwinnable. I play it if I don’t mi d losing but it sure looks cool setting it all up. What about search for Planet X. That looks interesting. Anyone have any feedback on playing this

  19. Great video, man! I'm going to go check out a couple of these right now.

  20. Hi there, thanks for this great list. Its very helpful! Especially for new gamers like my self. I will definitely buy some of these from your list👍👍…. Street Mssters looks epic

  21. I appreciate the mix of games here. While some viewers were surprised that the more popular solo games were missed (and I get that), I think this has a nice all around feel. But for those wanting more, there's still time for a sequel—"12 days of Christmas" Season 2, 2nd Editions, Follow up Expansion??? Nice job Mike!

  22. Not for everybody but robinson crusoe, marvel legendary, and one deck dungeon are also amazing solo.

  23. Warps edge not on this list……meh missed a trick for sure 🙁

  24. I would love to know Mike opinion on that Feierabend, i feel next to him in games taste and i am really interested in that one

  25. Just getting into solo gaming. This introduced me to a lot of games I havent seen on any other lists! Do you think maybe we could see a top 10 solo list games less than $30?

  26. What was up with that Spirit Island cover' logo? I can agree that the original logo is dirty and unreadable. But I can't find where that cover comes from.

  27. Cool I have dinosaur island, but never thought to solo it. Thanks!
    Highly recommend Coffee Roaster and Roll Player for solo gaming.

  28. No kingdom death monster or gloomhaven?!?! This list is a sham!!! Lol

  29. I see Pax Pamir on the shelf there. Awesome solo game.

  30. I'm kinda sad to see Nemos War on here as 1) it was mentioned last year and 2) its even harder to get than it was last year…

  31. I backed Mezo but I didn't knew there is a solo mode. Thank you

  32. Did I misunderstand something? I've read the rules for the solo mode in Dinosaur Island, and I can't imagine anyone actually feeling satisfied with it; you said it was objective based, but there isn't even an end game target score. It looks like they put together half a game. Now, Dinosaur Island as a competitive game is EXCEPTIONAL, but I don't think I would get this one for solitaire play (unless someone knows something about some solo rules update I never found; if you do, please share a link).

  33. Was expecting short cameo from Tom saying "meh" during City of the Kings introduction 😀

  34. I thought for sure I would hear Colonists mentioned in here.

  35. Trismegistus and Dungeon Degenerates are two great soloable games that are never mentioned on top lists or even in comments

  36. Thank you for this list! Love seeing love for the solo games!

  37. Did you tested the Spirit Island app of the game on iOS?

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