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15 Free Games for Christmas 2021?! Caleb’s Predictions!

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We don’t know if Epic will bring back free daily Christmas games, but we’re pretty sure they will! What will they give away this year?! Caleb and Michal both made prediction lists, watch both and decide which one seems more likely!

Michal’s Predictions:

Here’s the lists I used to select potential indie games:
50 Best Indie Games of All Time:
Top 20 best selling indie games of all time you should try out:
The best indie games on PC in 2021:
The 20 Best Indie Games of the Decade:

0:00 – Intro
0:27 – Join the Competition!
1:19 – Let’s Try Science!
1:36 – Past Christmas Games
2:30 – Possible Indie Games
3:25 – Possible Devs
3:55 – PS+ and Gamepass
5:07 – 69 Top Guesses!
7:02 – 31 Top Guesses!
7:47 – 15 Predictions!
8:36 – What Happens Next?

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  1. 1-Horizon Zero Dawn
    2-The Avengers (cuz the game is so dead no one even played it during the free to play weekend)
    3-Outlast 2
    4-Hollow Knight
    5-Any ubisoft game, maybe Assassin's Creed (an old one)
    6-This one's actually got a big chance
    Destiny 2 (it's already free but it can be like a game currency pack or cosmetic pack)
    Mainly cuz I've spend 1000s of hours in the game and I know some leakers and one of them leaked stuff including destiny 2 coming to epic games as a 30th anniversary celebration as they've done a lot of work for the anniversary and the leaker's other leaks have been legit so far… BUT the event starts this Tuesday so they might just make it on this Thursday
    8-XCOM 2(cuz it was on a literal 87% off 2 days ago, so there's a chance)
    9-Hitman 2
    10-Goat Simulator
    11- shadow of tomb raider or maybe the anniversary pack
    12- Hell let loose
    13- Shadow tactics
    14-Metal gear solid V
    15- Battlefield 5 maybe

  2. Kerbal would be great. I’m pretty sure though that Stardew Valley will never go free.

  3. Caleb sir, can how can we expect plants vs Zombies game to be free? Because it's not on epic….

  4. 1 Return of the Obra Dinn

    2 ATOM RPG

    3 Disco Elysium

    4 Expeditions: Viking

    5 Sword Legacy: Omen

    6 Planet Alpha

    7 Blasphemous

    8 Battle Brothers

    9 Empire of Sin

    10 Knights of Pen and Paper 2

    11 Crusader Kings II

    12 Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

    13 Little Nightmares

    14 XCOM 2

    15 Hitman 2

    A mix of things I want and things I think may be given away.

  5. O M G !!!
    Hats off Caleb! You did such a deep analysis to make this list. It shows to what great lengths you guys go to make your videos.
    Great predictions. Loved Michal's predictions as well, and his video was totally different to yours! Great video guys!

  6. I reckon one of the tomb raiders will be free

  7. I want Tomb Raider or Sekuro Die Twice to be free

  8. Those are some pretty good predictions, but just wanted to say that all dlc of hollow knight are free so that means that its not voidheart edition but god edition (or something like that)

  9. call of duty modern warfare trilogy maybe

  10. How I wish GTA5 is given away once again. I missed it the last time and been regretting it ever since!

  11. My list :
    1. Hollow Knight
    2. Blasphemous
    3. Anodyne 1
    4. Shovel Knight
    5. Assasins Creed IV Black Flag
    6. GTA IV Complete Edition
    7. Celeste (again)
    8. Castlevania Collection
    9. Limbo (i think it was free i forgot)
    10. Far Cry 3

    Those game would be amazing

  12. Not related but that reminds me planning some DnD characters with spreadsheets. Especially some characters that required me to keep track of the 'school' and amount of abilities by school because new abilities used that as a learning requirement and they could be replaced from abilities from another school. It was a delicate juggling of those things and I spent days on it… And restarted with a different mindset a few times because I didn't had anything better to do lol.

  13. The promotion of upcoming game one is what interests me the most. That's why dying light is on top of my guess list. It's old, has A LOT of DLCs and has a sequel coming soon. If it's not free on Christmas it has to be free at some point in the future

  14. Lol, last year I was hyped beyond reason. And as games were unveiled my hopes were shattered. I literally boycott epic store for nearly 2 months. I am not going to make any hope and sorry will not see any videos of these types. BYE.

  15. Can anyone tell me the date they'll start giving free please

  16. If Sims 4 is free, can it be taken as a slight indication that Sims 5 is coming?

  17. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood or Revelations. Pretty please! 😀

  18. I always wanted to play firewatch! let's hope it's gana be free!

  19. My predictions :
    1. Shenmue 3
    2. Assassin's creed (any)
    3. Far cry (any)
    4-10. Any indie game
    11. Any horror game
    12. Cosmetic stuff
    13. Dlc packs
    14. Any racing game
    15. Any AA game

    I hope any = good game…finger crossed🤞

  20. 1. Shenmue 3
    2. Dragon Age: Inquisition
    3. Control Ultimate Edition
    4. Rise of the Tomb Raider
    5. Outlast 1,DLC + 2
    6. Alice Madness Returns
    7. Ubisoft game: either Assassin’s Creed/Far Cry/Ghost Recon Breakingpoint/South Park game
    8. Battlefield 1
    9. Bioshock collection
    10. Disco Elysium
    11. To the Moon
    12. Imperator Rome or Crusader Kings III or Stellaris
    13. Street of Rage 4 or No Man’s Sky
    14. Horizon Zero Dawn
    15. Stardew Valley

    Let’s see how many I guess correctly 😀

  21. love the competition going with you and michal!

  22. I will buy rdr2 with 10$ copun that's what I only want

  23. I giving my bet for Cuphead. They will release new game extension, so I think this will be good way to invite new players to the game. Another good guess will be Dying light.

  24. They put only games that people are not buying anymore

  25. I really really want stardew valley for free! its sooooo good!

  26. I wish Gtav becomes free again man gtav ps3 is going to go on th 16 th
    so i cant play anymore

  27. 1 of these games will be free for sure, you applied logic here.

  28. Outlast 2 is just a single dollar in my country
    Hope so it's not the one
    I can literally buy it anytime

  29. I only recently found out about you guys , and it's really nice to be able to track down discounts /reviews / giveaways all in one channel. On another note , Caleb you really killed it with the spreadsheets! Excellent analysis ! Michal went for a more ''vloggy'' approach which i also appreciate a lot . I'm a huge indie fan ( i do think a lot of pixelated games are somewhat underrated , cause people like flashy graphics ) so i ll be hoping for some good hidden gems. Only AAA titles i m hoping for is The Witcher 3 ( yeah i somehow havent played it ) and Warhammer 2 from your list! Keep up the good work boys! You are great. Happy holidays!

  30. I really hope hell let loose becomes free, can't wait to get traumatised by the horrors of ww2 in what is essentially bf5 x insurgency

  31. My predictions:

    1. Blasphemous

    2. Cuphead

    3. Dead Cells

    4. Frostpunk

    5. Golf Story

    6. Hitman 2

    7. Hunt Showdown

    8. Lonely Mountains: Downhill

    9. Pyre

    10. Rain World

    11. RimWorld

    12. Shenmue 3

    13. Superliminal

    14. Two Point Hospital

    15. Zero Ranger

  32. My prediction:
    Subnautica (as it was free before and has been quite a while)

  33. It seems like 15 more to the 100k "not gonna touch" list

  34. Hope star wars squadrons becomes free because its basically dead….

  35. My predictions :
    1. Shenmue 3
    2. Metro Redux
    3. Far Cry 6
    4.some shitty low graphic game
    11.Goat simulator
    12. Fall guys
    13. Detroit Become human
    14. Forza Horizon 5
    15. Any AA game

    predictions that i think wont come :
    1. Stardew Valley
    2. Assassin Creed
    3. Gta 5
    4.some Expensive good story and graphic game
    11.Call of duty
    12. Fortnite skins

  36. Only games I am most interested in from these predictions are Total War Warhammer 2 and Undertale.

  37. I feel like a couple of them r gonna be gta5,far cry 6, city skylines and back for blood

  38. Even if you're completely wrong, I like your methodology.

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