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15 Free Games for Christmas 2021?! Caleb’s Predictions!

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We don’t know if Epic will bring back free daily Christmas games, but we’re pretty sure they will! What will they give away this year?! Caleb and Michal both made prediction lists, watch both and decide which one seems more likely!

Michal’s Predictions:

Here’s the lists I used to select potential indie games:
50 Best Indie Games of All Time:
Top 20 best selling indie games of all time you should try out:
The best indie games on PC in 2021:
The 20 Best Indie Games of the Decade:

0:00 – Intro
0:27 – Join the Competition!
1:19 – Let’s Try Science!
1:36 – Past Christmas Games
2:30 – Possible Indie Games
3:25 – Possible Devs
3:55 – PS+ and Gamepass
5:07 – 69 Top Guesses!
7:02 – 31 Top Guesses!
7:47 – 15 Predictions!
8:36 – What Happens Next?

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  1. Metro exodus, would complete the collection for free🤭

  2. are there any leaks or are they only predictions ? 🙂

  3. I think Fall Guys might become a potential game because that's an indie game that epic games owns but doesn't have on their platform.

  4. I think the free games will be kinda connected to fortnite because of all the "chapter 3 thing" ,this also happens with the vault games(NBA)

  5. Any EA game is highly doubtly cause EA has a partnership with a Amazon Prime gaming and they have openly mentioned that they have some more ea games to give out in the future.

  6. Fall guys, Human fall flat,stardew valley and plant vs zombies will go free

  7. Great analysis, giving points based on previously observed patterns. From the list, hope Total war Warhammer goes free 🙂

  8. Calebs list looks better than Michaels, but it seems too good to be true after last years games.

  9. Maybe is gonna be a Triple A Game or indie game

  10. my predictions
    1.LITTLE NIGHTMARES 1 (coz it was given away in steam this year)
    2.kerbal space program(coz new one is coming up next year)
    3.tomb raider (any 1 )or hitman 2 or witcher 3 (coz epic will giveaway only 1 aaa game)

  11. I think the biggest give away this year will be the uncharted series. And i now it's only avalible on ps systems but it is listed as comming son on the epic games "computer" store

  12. hitman,
    red dead 2,
    among us,
    plants vs zombies,

    hoping hahahah

  13. Would love to see something like pummel party

  14. Whatever they feel like giving away, SpongeBob will gladly take it

  15. I bought gucamelee 2 on sale on steam because I had the first one and now I would actually like to buy it on full prise. This game is ducking awesome!

  16. I think that Outlast 1 or Outlast 2 are gonna be free, because you can Outlast Trials on their store coming soon, they might give away one of those two oldschool horrors for free to promote upcoming game 😀

  17. Now we know what you think we will get, but what about Bob? Does he has somthing to say?

  18. Metro Exodus, Fall Guys, hell let lose, Hitman, far cry 5, tomb Raider, Mad Max,vermintide, subnautica

  19. What do I think its going to be free this year on EGS:
    1. Hollow Knight
    2. Undertale
    3. Shovel Knight
    4. What remains of Edith
    5. Street of Rage 4
    6. Shadow of Tomb Raider
    7. Rayman Legends
    8. Celeste
    9. HITMAN (again)
    10. Tattletail

  20. i think you meant to put sega instead of deep silver and when did yakuza 1 remake(kiwami)be free on the epic store

  21. outlast ( 1 or 2 )
    the witcher 3
    fall guys
    plants vs zombie ( any )
    goat sim
    maybe assassins creed ( any )
    naruto game maybe ( since they added it to fortnite or sum like that )

  22. Goat Simulator! Yeah I'll wait for that one. Of course Stadew Valley and Undertale would also be amazing. Great predictions overall.

  23. 1-Rainbow Six Siege.
    2-Horizon: Zero Dawn.
    3-Borderlands 3.
    4-Any Far Cry titles.
    5-Any Assassin Creed titles.
    6-SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated.
    7-New Super Lucky's Tale.
    My predictions, I think?

  24. If it's a AAA game It depends with the company if they want to give out for free but who knows I'm expecting any game this year😂last year I got my hopes high

  25. 1 Fall Guys,
    2 Little Nightmare,
    3 Outlast,
    4 Plants vs Zombies,
    5 Goat Sim,
    6 FireWatch,
    7 Tomb Raider,
    8 Hollow Knight,
    9 Hitman,
    10 Undertale

  26. I like this list a lot more, honestly. I don't think it's as likely, but I'd be so happy

  27. Michal's list looks better but who knows what epic is having in their mind

  28. Excellent analysis! I love how you manage to create a system to "scientifically" predict which games could be free. (And also I really like spreadsheet, I use them for everything).
    Awesome video Caleb!!

  29. Your list is more likely to be true, I agree with most of it.. I'll just replace Goat Simulator and Shadow Tactics with Batman Arkham Origins and Hitman: Bloodmoney as 2 ''AAA'' Christmas themed games.

  30. I hope they change it up. The past 2 years they just recycle the same games over and over

  31. I really appreciate the amount of time and effort put into this work , well done Caleb

  32. Metro exodus
    Last day of june
    Grim dawn
    Disco elysium
    Far lone sails
    Transport fever 1 or 2
    What remains of edith finch
    Project hospital/two point hospital
    Division 1
    Tell me why
    I predict 1 or more from the above list to go free during christmas free games.

  33. I think dead cells well be free on epic games store 🙂

  34. can someone tell me the logic behind the no aaa game rule for christmas game like wouldn't devs want to give a aaa like lets say tomb rider the game that will probably be rumored everywhere because everyone thinks you're an epic insider and know tomb raider will be free wouldn't se want to give it away for a day and make people who missed it uy it on sale and when they search for it wow they find all the other tomb raider games and the collection on sale and think it's 50% of we should buy it and we also have a infinite coupon(the winter sale has always had a coupon and for everyone says says the newsletter coupon rocket league had a coupon that expired just a month before the black friday coincidence i think not) so it would be beneficial for the company this is not really that big for game like tomb raider but instead replace it with titanfall 2 wala a fantastic game with a fantastic campaign and a dying multiplayer now you have a recipe for success

  35. Your list wins, your methodology came to some conclusions that seem right to me, but Michal has the better B-roll of scenery. 😀 Have a feeling some surprises coming just like last year.

  36. 1)Hitman 2
    2)World war Z
    3)Shadow of TR
    4)GTA V ( i want it on Christmas)
    5)any resident evil game
    7)Any assassins creed game
    9)Far Cry 4
    10)For honor

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