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15 Free Games for Christmas 2021?! Michal’s Predictions!

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We don’t know if Epic will bring back free daily Christmas games, but we’re pretty sure they will! What will they give away this year?! Caleb and Michal both made prediction lists, watch both and decide which one seems more likely!

Caleb’s Predictions:

Here’s the lists of my Michal’s predictions:
– 2 games that were free before on EPIC
– 2 games from Team 17

– Tomb Raider

– Hollow Knight

– Mosaic

– Morkredd


– Ice Lakes

– Cities in Motion

– Big Action Mega Fight!

– Pathfinder Adventures

– Floor 13: Deep State

– Homefront: The Revolution

0:00 – Intro
0:56 – How was last Christmas
1:32 – Prediction Starts
2:28 – What about AAA Games?
3:38 – 10 Games that could go Free
7:11 – Conclusions

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  1. Keď som bol naposledy na Karlovom moste ani som sa naň nedostal. Avšak takto v zime vyzará úžastne.

  2. I wonder if this list will be accurate! Greetings from northern Poland, brothers! 🇵🇱🇨🇿

  3. Wow the view is amazing! As amazing as the predictions!
    I had to watch it a couple of times so I can appreciate the view as well as listen carefully to your analysis and predictions.
    Awesome video Michal!!

  4. The trick is to play this and Calebs video at the same time, side by side

  5. thank you for the list and the amazing views… luv u

  6. The game is could go free is bad iwish epic put a huge game like for honor _the crew2 _the division_man eater

  7. omg so beautiful, i hope i can visit czech someday

  8. I want to visit Czech so baaad but I am broke hopefully I will get there someday when I'm successful I am planning on making my very own game. Happy Winter from Philippines 🇵🇭

  9. Instead of the games I loved the view..really a beautiful winter.

  10. I guess everyone is interested in the view ….and not the game..xD. I can rarely see people making their own list….. including me xD.

  11. 1)Hitman 2
    2)World war Z
    3)Shadow of TR
    4)GTA V ( i want it on Christmas)
    5)any resident evil game
    6)any battlefield game?(maybe 1)
    8)GTA V (I want it)
    9)life is strange( 0.1% chance)
    10) desperados 3 ( my fav game of this year)
    Extra addition .11)Minecraft .(i know it cannot happen but you never know..(lol)

  12. The snow and view are so relaxing and beautiful. Kind of jealous cause where im from it doesnt snow.

  13. I think outlast 1 or 2 give a free game, may be
    Because outlast 3 coming on 2022

  14. Nice video! I love Prague ! Thanks for share with the incredible view!

  15. Great predictions! And wow breathtaking view…just in time for Christmas ⛄

  16. I want Tomb Raider, assassin's creed Origins or Sekuro Die Twice to be free

  17. Confirmed news, Horizon and Shadow of the Tomb raider will be free 👍 thank me later.

  18. Today, when the epic launcher didn't work I thought it was my problem and I uninstalled it.
    I didn't know it was gonna delete all my games from my hard drive.
    Pray for me.

  19. I love the Bridge band that played on the Charles Bridge when I was there a few years back. Do they still play?

  20. Nice vid. The walk gave it a meditation/calming vibe.

  21. If it's a AAA game I think that Arma 3 or dying light would be a safe bet. Because they're both old games, have a lot of DLCs. And dying light is higher possibility because the sequel is coming and that's a good way, to promote the game

  22. One of the beautiful/ best video from @should your play it🎉

  23. what a nice view, thanks for taking us out.

  24. That's the path to Winterhold College, dude invite me there I wanna visit your city 😀

  25. Dying Light 1 is also not listed at epic games

  26. love these style of videos especially with the stroll in the background, the Czech Republic is a hidden gem!

  27. I think that first game Will Far Cry 5(maybe 6) or Alan Wake 2

  28. I get confused to which thing should I concentrate, the news or the amazing view of Czech Republic..realy 👍👍👍

  29. I love the Czech Republic, a true example for the post-communist countries.

  30. Nice prediction and Czech republic, Oh Yeah though so mostly the way atleast you talk your pronounciation don't fell like American at all😂😹, your friend on other way have close to American pronunciation 😁, it's weird that you guys wrote usa in you tube channel description 🙄

  31. In my opinion they will be more famous and recognized games, games that a large part of the public knows. In this way they make more people come to the store for Christmas. Last year's list was City Skylines, Inside, Night in the Woods, Darkest Dungeon… Therefore, it is to be expected that they can give away games in the vein of Hollow Knight, Celeste, Hades, Blasphemous…

  32. I want nioh 2, bcz nioh was already free last time 🙂

  33. Please not Tomb Raider (2013) i bought it on Steam.Please Rise or Shadow

  34. I get all these free games, whole library is one big chaos.. They HAVE to make a way to sort it better.. (same with friends)

  35. I’m sick that I missed Neon Abyss 🙁 Also rumored next game is Prey, which I literally just bought yesterday on Steam. I only played 2 hours though so I’m waiting and if it’s Prey on Epic for free, I’m refunding it on Steam.

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