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15 FREE Games for Christmas 2022! Our Predictions!

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The 15 Free Games Christmas Mystery Giveaway has been leaked, so we know it will happen as did in the past. What we don’t know is, what will they give away this year?! That’s why we made prediction list, so you can see and guess which games are going to be free this time, with us!

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  1. I am Late But This Channel Is Increasing Day By Day & Thats I Liked Congrats Bro Always Informing About Gaming Thank You

  2. If I have added a free game to my library will it be free forever means I can install it later if the free period ends?

  3. Bringing halo mcc was a big deal to get more players epic games

  4. Feels a little like we're all a small family here on the channel, sitting around the same christmas-tree and
    unbox all the presents together. Def. looking forward to it!

  5. We might get doom and witcher 3, bcs they are in fortnite right now, skins of doomguy and geralt

  6. still hope that they will give us gow 2018, although this is probably too much 😀

  7. I really do hope your predictions are 15/15 wrong cause these games seem trash AF except doom but tbf doom is just doom so yeah

  8. Is that time of the year again! You're my favorite channel to share this experience, can't wait to see your predictions and reactions 🎄

  9. I wish that home sweet home 1 and 2 were on the list
    It's a horror indie game and it's quite fun to play

  10. I just wish epic games give Kingdom Hearts game this year 😄

  11. Days gone probably a candidate

  12. Oh no please no not Goat Sim just thinking of that game gives me Flappy goat flashbacks

  13. do you think red dead redeption 2 could anyway be free?, there is such a good sale now, don't wanna miss it

  14. The free games things is super appreciated! Thank you epic.

  15. They offered RE 7 in the past, so village could be an option. At least, i hope this is an option.

  16. I think Doom could be in the mystery games because it's also in the Fortnite battle pass this season

  17. There will be a dead space game for free I am almost certain. With the hype around Calisto (despite it being buggy as hell on PC). Epic will want to push people towards that by giving away deadspace.

  18. checking if the games you predict are on geforce now or not could help you because all the free games came to geforce now after released for free in epic games store, and epic loves cloud gaming, so.

  19. I would be so happy to have Crash Insanity Trilogy as one of the free games

  20. I hope your predictions are wrong. All the games you discussed are so not cool 🙁

  21. I look Foward to this every year! Steam never does anything like this for yhe people that made them a billion dollar corp

  22. Man I hope its not Mass effect I already got it for Epic and playstation

  23. if all the 15 games are triple A how crazy it would be

  24. They could as well giveaway Scorn. I thing there won't be any mature/gore games bcs pteviously if they were given, there were also some game for all rating.

  25. I hope they give away : 1) Red dead redemption 2 2) F.I.S.T forged in shadow 3) A plague tale

  26. the first goat sim was free on ps+ over a year or two ago so the game has been free before just not on epic

  27. the last 2 games might be gta and madden because they always put a sports game on free first it was 2k21 nba now it might be madden 23

  28. Mass effect legendary edition was free a few months back on Amazon prime

  29. bro the games u showed were dope but none of them came tilll now, all boring games came, now a pony fight coming😶

  30. of course, all your predictions are wrong and they're giving away dead games that no one has ever heard of

  31. i really want dark souls or soulslike game on here. I loved elden ring this year, but there's no way im spending £30 for ds3 now.

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