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15 Great Games to Fill Your Table This Christmas

Shut Up & Sit Down
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Oh, Hello! 0:00
Pictomania 0:56 –
Cockroach Poker 1:44 –
Codenames 3:35 –
Decrypto 4:34 –
Mysterium 5:48 –
Flamme Rouge 7:11 –
Flick ’em Up! 7:38 –
Sushi Go Party! 8:08 –
Magic Maze 9:13 –
Shifty Eyed Spies 10:02 –
Diamant/Incan Gold 10:39 –
One Night Ultimate Werewolf 11:57 –
Secret 16th Recommendation 13:59 –
Sheriff of Nottingham 14:23 –
Monikers 15:11 –
Our stand-alone expansion:
Skull 16:22 –
Thanks for Watching! 18:14



  1. I will never understand the popularity of Cockroach Poker. The game is not simple, it is basic, random and pointless.

  2. No christmas list this year. AHHHHH! What do I buy for Uncle board gamer and his wife! Monikers is £75 for some flipping cards now!!!!!!

  3. 15. Pictomania
    14. Cockroach Poker
    13. Codenames
    12. Decrypto
    11. Mysterium
    10. Flamme Rouge
    9. Flick 'em up
    8. Sushi Go Party
    7. Magic Maze
    6. Shift Eyed Spies
    5. Diamant
    4. One Night Ultimate Werewolf
    3. The Resistance: Avalon
    2. Sheriff of Nottingham
    1. Monikers
    1. Skull

  4. So good and funny reviews. Matt is definitely the best presenter of SUSD to me! Keep up the good work! Not interested in any of these games (or i already got them) but boy that was entertaining!

  5. I bought my family Codenames last year for Xmas and they never ended up playing it so I taught it to them this year because I visited and needless to say, they regret not opening that box sooner.

  6. Highly against one night werewolf. Every time I've played, people who were villagers who had powers that aided the werewolf (like the one who can switch 2 peoples cards, which benefits no one) always just confuses the table, and those players decide not to use their powers, or do so, and actively destroy the tables goodwill.

  7. Nitpicker here, Diamant is pronounced De-a-mant, keep the i and a separate. You got the "a" spot on 🙂
    The English translation is of course diamond.

  8. Finally a game board channel that is quick, informative, and no annoying graphics every 5 seconds.


  9. The real secret power of codenames is that you can easily have people drop in and out of the guessing teams, which is very good in a casual party environment.

  10. How do y'all think of these one-liners? "It couldn't be more simple if you concussed it with a shovel" I'm rolling on the floor oh my goodness hahahahaha

  11. I bought my dad flamme rouge for christmas last year. The family was super dubious about sitting around with a board game, but after a few rounds of flamme rouge (and a few rounds of port) everyone was clammouring to keep playing

  12. Funny how games you think are thematically best suited for large family gatherings contain murder, shooting each other, lots of betrayal and secret messaging.

  13. Any preference between Sushi Go Party and Sushi Roll?

  14. Very well done video. Clear, brief explanations and clever humor. This guy's good!

  15. Other good family games include Unstable unicorns.
    Aye Dark overlord.
    Greedy greedy goblins

  16. Cockroach poker sounds like a slightly modified version of the card game “BS” haha.

  17. My folks really got on with Hey That's My Fish 🎏 really good!

  18. It's crazy how apt your description of Skull is! I bought it a while ago off your recommendation, and the first time I played it with my friends I could almost visibly see them go "So how is this going to be fun?" Then, during the first three rounds, I saw the revelation of this game's subtlety grow in their minds, and now they ask me if I brought it pretty much any time I come over! Such a good game!

  19. Matt, why are you so sexy?

    If I walking into my home as you laid there in that deer outfit… my, oh, my.

  20. Matt, when you drink that lager. Put your lips on the bottle and don't bite the neck.

  21. I felt like Sheriff of Nottingham had a weird game theory problem. As sheriff, it's never in your interest to take a bribe to not check someone's bag if you believe it has contraband. Being zero-sum, they're not going to bribe you for more than half of what the bag could benefit them–otherwise the sheriff would be getting more from the exchange than they would.

    As a result, it only makes sense to at least double-bluff, e.g. pretending to be an innocent-person-pretending-to-be-guilty while you are in fact guilty, or pretending to be a guilty-person-pretending-to-be-innocent while you are in fact innocent.

    It really hurt the experience for me because the core draw of being able to simply bribe to get contraband through… just doesn't actually work at that level.

  22. Hey would really be interested in getting you to review my new game, Utter. You use your Twitter or a celebs accounts and we pull the best tweets and players guess who said what. Really simple, really fun. It’s $free.99 and you can play it on any device. Let me know what you think! https://utter.fun/

  23. Definitely my first time watching your channel lol

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  25. What a great video! Thanks for the recommendation on Cockroach Poker; my wife is a fan of the movie "How to lose a guy in 10 days" in which they play a similar game; I think I can easily get her on board with this 😀

  26. Spirit of christmas is hot, and not just because they're lyung in front of the fireplace…

  27. It's Nov 23, 2020, and this video hits differently

  28. Not a great 2020 video recommendation YouTube.

  29. "It's not even 10am!"
    Me watching this video at 9:59am: :0

  30. "Couldn't be more simple if you concussed it with a shovel" caught me so off guard wtfff

  31. Who else has played Flamme Rouge? What do you think?

  32. somebody please give him the new version of skull for xmas 🙂

  33. Why does the mysterium play through look like a wild European sex party?

  34. Diamant came first, in German, French and Italian. Incan Gold, the English version, came out in 2006, the following year.

  35. What's in yer bag ye bastard, that's when this video went up a notch in my estimation.

    Good video and good game choices

  36. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is better than Mysterium.

  37. I do love Flamme Rouge but after playing El Dorado I think El Dorado is the mors superior puzzle / race game. I know Flamme Rouge is a pure racing game vs a puzzle solving game but I think I enjoy the puzzle and strategy of El Dorado more. Just my opinion.

  38. You in your PJs is disturbing but wow great job on this video. Very entertaining and I put 4 of your your recommendations in my Amazon cart for later purchase!

  39. I played Skull & Roses years ago but could never remember what it was called! I'll have to get that one

  40. I've found the problem with games like Codenames and Monikers is generation gaps. A friend my age, me, and my parents, uncles and aunts tried playing Codenames and we could not get clues right. Just keep in mind age gap and pop culture changes to the meaning of words.

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