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15 Must-Try Christmas Party Games (Fun Game Ideas!)

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Get your Christmas party games ready this holiday season with these fun ideas for your next gathering!

Game List:

1. Screwball – 00:00
2. Candy Crane – 00:30
3. Jingle All The Way – 01:36
4. Holiday Kiss – 02:14
5. Hook, Line, And Sinker – 02:46
6. Face the Gingerbread Man – 03:24
7. Down the Chimney – 04:20
8. Holiday Hop – 05:28
9. Firing Line – 06:06
10. Three Kings – 06:49
11. Candy Cane Hookup – 07:39
12. Lollipop – 08:18
13. Christmas Cliffhanger – 08:56
14. Crane Head – 09:21
15. Letters to Santa – 10:29
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  1. This is so good and fun! Thank you for the ideas.

  2. Hey Outscord! I totally love your games all the way from Kenya! I've even started doing most of these at the local bar where I work. Question – is there an online source where I can buy the props? It's hard to execute some of these games without the right 'equipment'. Please help.

  3. I have a question on the three king game: why some cards are retuned and faced down again even though you didn't get another joker? Thanks a million!!!

  4. hola amigos, desde Chile. felicitaciones por todo el material, me ayuda mucho. queria pedirle un favor, me pueden compartir los videos de cuenta regresiva y conteo de un minuto? se los agradezco de antemano.

  5. Love the creativeness!!! Definitely going to have to put some of these games 🙂 Nerdy shirts too were awesome 🤓

  6. Such an amazing mind to come up with these games HAHAHAHHAA

  7. How are they not laughing?!🤣 This is hilarious

  8. I love all your games and have used them for my own game night every New Years Eve. Can you tell me where you got those tables you use and what kind of ping pong balls you use. Thank you.

  9. Christmas is just a few days ahead. We'll be visiting our cousins in Manila. We'll make sure to try these games ❤

  10. I love Sir Ralph ☺️ I mean the Games 😁 Perfect games this coming Christmas 😊🧡🥰

  11. It's fun to watch. I want to try it with my family again. I hope this time it will be perfect. Because the last time we did your games, we were more into laughing. Merry Christmas Outscord and Vidal family! ❤️❤️❤️

  12. We'll surely try this games this coming christmas and new years eve..thank you for sharing Outscord🧡🧡

  13. I will recommend these games in our company christmas party..more videos and games to share po..thank you so much OUTSCORD ..

  14. Wooow ! Very exciting and fun games ..
    Love it .. will try this on Christmas 😁😁

  15. Amazing games 🧡🧡🧡 thank you for the ideas OUTSCORD Father 🧡🧡🧡 more game ideas to come 🧡😊

  16. I enjoyed watching this 'til the end. The game is exciting and I can see how the players are enjoying. I think we must try this, hopefully vlogging this on Christmas Day. Thank you for another game idea Outscord! ✨🧡

    -Rhea Panlilio Castillo & Shaira Raisa Supremido Cendaña

  17. Wow another amazing games 😍😍gonna try this on our new years party🎉🎉

  18. It was very fun and satisfying to watch…hope we cantry try this games for this coming new year…

  19. Wow! The games are really fun to play with. I think rhea with her family and also me will be doing it. We're going to vlog it. It's a MUST TRY game idea from Outscord and Sir Ralph Vidal. Advance Merry Christmas everyone! 🧡

    -Shaira Raisa Supremido Cendaña & Rhea Panlilio Castillo


  20. Nice game!I have a idea for this coming christmas party❤Go go go!Vidal Family❤

  21. We always watching ur video because there are so many idea for the game and this new video is so exciting…we will do this on our Christmas party…thank u for sharing

  22. We always watching ur video because there are so many idea for the game and this new video is so exciting…we will do this on our Christmas party…thank u for sharing

  23. Outscord's content was the very unique videos I saw. The games are something that you can do every time there's an occasion. As i said, the ideas were very unique and awesome. The games are not just a game but can also be good bonding to the family where it develops teamwork and at the same time the enjoyment is there, no pressure at all. Continue on making videos like this, Outscord!

  24. Nice game.🥰🥰.. try to do some games Of outscord for our christmas party….😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️god bless you always sir ralph and your family..merry christmas🥳

  25. New games to discover new amazing and super fun games thank you outscord merry Christmas PO

  26. So fun to watch this kind of games.🤙 There's nothing more fun activities as Outscord bringing all this kind great ideas this Holiday Season. Woohoo! 🕺💃🧡 A MUST-TRY game this Christmas and New Year's Party 😍🎄🧡 Merry Christmas Outscord and Kabunchkada! 👋🧡🧡🧡

  27. Aye!! Thanks for posting this Outscord . It turned out great and excited! 🤗 So fun and great ideas this Christmas and New Year for the family bonding 😍🤗 We'll gonna try this at home. Looking forward for more videos. Happy Holidays Outscord and Kabunchkadas! 😍🤙🧡🧡🧡 Godbless 🧡

  28. Those games need focus, balance and concentration in order to finish the game,
    Age is not a factor as long as your body is fit and healthy. So what are you waiting for, prepare those game materials and challenge your friends and family members. Always remember that “It’s not the winning, but it is how you play the game”

  29. This is my favorite🙂now i know that it is hard to shoot hahaha

  30. I like the way you play the games sir Ralph😁! And your games are really unique 👏👏👏! I'm so excited to do it on Christmas Day with my family ❤! Hoping that everyone's saw it so that they have an idea what games they do this coming Christmas Day!😇🎄

  31. OUTSCORD Games is So AMAZING, AWESOME and ENJOYABLE… May Family and Friends are ENJOYING watching all the OUTSCORD GAMES Videos..
    Every Week We are Waiting What is the New OUTSCORD Games
    And We are So EXCITED to Watch the New OUTSCORD GAMES Videos because We Got New IDEAS and LEARNED MORE TECHNIQUES on How to Play it

    In this New OUTSCORD Games Video it so AMAZING and Need More BALANCING TECHNIQUES and STRATEGIES In Order To WIN the Games

    The AUTHOR of OUTSCORD is So BRILLIANT 😍😘😍😘😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💝💞💖💗💟💙❤💝💗💞💖
    I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT Because its STRESSFREE and So Much FUN In OUTSCORD Games 😉😊😍😘😄👍👍👍👍👍💝💞💖💗💟💙❤💝💞💖😉😊😍😘😄😃🤣😅😍😘👍👍👍👍👍💝💞💖💗💟💖

    We Are FOREVER OUTSCORD FANATICS 💝💞💖😉😊😍😘😄💝💞💖💗💟💙❤💝💞💖

  32. Hoping that I could play some of this games with my crush 🥰☺️ ayieee 😂 that would be so much fun 😁😁🧡🧡

  33. What a great idea ! Thank you for sharing unique games on this upcoming events (Christmas Party) . Will definitely suggest all of this to my workmates and boss . I am sure that they will not only enjoy it but also this will serve as our bonding in our office. Thank you again Outscord ! More contents to uploads. God bless. Merry Christmas ! ❤️

  34. I want to try all this fun games sir Ralph… I miss Outscord games. Thank u for sharing ur genius ideas sir. God Bless and Merry Christmas

  35. I super enjoyed watching all the fun games of Outscord!!! I've been smiling everytime I watch your videos…😂 I'm planning to try some of your games this coming Christmas & New Year! Surely it would be exciting & lots of fun😍 Keep on doing videos like this Outscord… ideas that would keep the bond with family & friends!!! Congratulations Sir Ralph & Merry Christmas!!!🧡🧡🧡

  36. Again, I must say that this games is Fantastic. Outscord games is so Fun to watch and to play. It is Energetic, Exciting and Creative. And of course a man behind Outscord who created with all this game ideas is an absolute genius because you have a lot of unique and brilliant game ideas from your Mind. Every games you created is always Fun and Exciting in their own way. Thumbs up! You're my idol. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Sir Ralph🧡🧡

  37. Yehey another idea thank u for sharing ….we will do this in our vlog…Merry Christmas po

  38. How do You male the screwball, og Can You but it?

  39. Great ideas! I'm planning to suggest your games to our reunion this December. It was very unique and nice idea. I was smiling all throughout the video! Nothing can beat the victory moment of every individual during a game. This will be a great bond to us and we will surely enjoy it. Will also share it to my other relatives for them to have unique and exciting game. Merry Christmas! 🎄❤️

  40. We are doing some of these games tonight. Thank you for the ideas. Fun to watch but even more fun and exciting to try and play. Merry Christmas Outscord!

  41. I enjoy watching . Thank you for giving us more games idea ..Merry Christmas

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