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20 Christmas Games For Zoom You’ve Never Played | Virtual Christmas Party Games

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20 Christmas games for ZOOM that everyone can play at home with family, friends, or in a virtual classroom setting.I know this Christmas isn’t what we had imagined it would be. Christmas 2020 will be weird which is why we need fun more than ever. Playing games and laughing is the BEST way to connect with those we love and we can have fun even over Zoom or another video conferencing app. I hope that you find an idea or two in this video to bring back family fun to those you love or to the students you teach.
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❤️How to play Extreme Spoons: everyone has their own spoon and their own deck of cards. Everyone should shuffle their own deck and deal themselves four cards. The goal is to get a four of a kind in your hand. When the game begins, players should take the top card from their own deck and either keep or discard it. If they keep it, they should discard a different card so only four remain in their hand. Players continue in this manner until they have a four of a kind. Then they take the spoon next to them and hold it up to their nose so other players can see it via video chat (when they look up). As soon as someone gets a four of a kind OR notices someone else holding a spoon, they should grab their spoon. The last person to grab a spoon receives a letter in the word S-P-O-O-N. The first person to spell S-P-O-O-N is the loser. Mary Hanna Wilson Website:

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the Bible Bingo Game:

*Time Stamps*
0:00 Intro & Greeting
0:39 TriviaMaker
1:20 Fa La La Emoji
2:30 What’s Missing
3:12 Christmas Would You Rather
3:55 Christmas Peekaboo
4:35 Scavenger Hunt
5:34 Christmas Bingo
6:55 Zoomed In
7:52 Guess That Christmas Song Variation
8:29 Christmas Movie Extra
9:14 The Nice List
10:15 Santa’s Coming
11:23 Finish The Phrase
12:19 Smiling’s My Favorite Thing
13:32 Bob Ross Christmas Contest
14:30 Extreme Candy Cane Game
15:17 Roll The Die, Let’s Get Moving
15:56 Words Within Words
16:26 Hide the Ornament
17:31 Christmas Colors

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    I'm a middle school music teacher and your ideas are terrific!
    I've been playing some of them this Christmas season and the students love them.
    You have saved me and brought much needed fun and joy during this challenging time. Thank you, Thank you,Thank you!

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  28. Grandma got ran over by a reindeer

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  30. I loved the secret Santa game, Christmas colors, trivia, family feud trivia maker – get their favorites, roll the die with movements, hide the ornament in the background & tell something about it, and everyone's on the nice list. Love, love, love. Thank you for sharing. God bless you and your family!

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  32. I loved this video and its game and I will play all of these with my friends as we are having a party online as in my country corona is not over yet

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