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22 Great Board Games for Christmas! Our 2020 Gift Guide

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0:00 Hi Quinns!

0:54 My City
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1:47 Tournament at Camelot / Tournament at Avalon
Our Review:
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2:35 Gùgōng
Our Review:
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3:08 Undaunted: Normandy / Undaunted: North Africa
Our review:
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3:48 Hi Matt!

4:05 Pandemic Legacy: Season 0
Our Review:
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4:28 Quacks of Quedlinburg
Our Review:
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4:52 Oceans
We Play:
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5:15 Monikers: Serious Nonsense
Our Video:
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5:53 Hi Ava!

6:03 Patchwork
Our Review:
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6:20 The Mind
Our Review:
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6:39 No Thanks
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6:59 The Crew
Our Almost-Review:
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7:33 Ghost Blitz
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8:13 Hi Tom!

8:24 New York Zoo
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8:54 Modern Art
Our Review:
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9:25 Solo RPGs
9:39 Solo RPG: Artefact
9:56 Solo RPGs: The Sealed Library & The Wretch3d
10:15 Solo RPG: Thousand Year Old Vampire Review
Our Review:

10:36 Senet Magazine


10:53 Games to Play with your Family at Christmas

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Little Town:
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Junk Art:
Paris: La Cité de la Lumière:
A Fake Artist Goes to New York:

We Wish you a Merry Christmas by Kevin MacLeod
Jingle Bells by Kevin MacLeod


  1. I did not expect Guile's theme to be paired with board game recommendations. Truly the most versatile of melodies.

  2. Why is this video only NOW appearing to me?

  3. Kingdom death monster. Gift of a lifetime!

  4. Great video, as always! Excitedly told my girlfriend all about Senet Magazine, I think she got the hint lol. Not mentioned in this video, but I am excited to share my new copy of Decrypto with my family this holiday.

    Happy holidays to everyone at SUSD! You all bring great joy to my life

  5. My most played games have also been quacks and ti4. Small world

  6. Thank you for making this video! The suggestions are excellent!

  7. Ava does great comments on su&sd podcast and would be great if appears more often here in youtube too

  8. Hope to see KnifeTank: The Shüffling on your show some day.

  9. Cough still waiting for blood on the clock tower cough

  10. Pear has been replaced by banana.

  11. The Crew, Hanabi, Oceans, Monikers, Patchwork, Quacks, Pandemic Legacy.

  12. If you only play a game 20 times and then it gets old and you no longer want to play it = it not being an amazing game because the replayability doesn't hold up.

  13. I bought my group Gloomhaven. Its outstanding. Thanks for the recommendation Team!

  14. "Should your COVID bubble be big enough"

    Governor of Michigan and many other democrat leaders in the US: Shut up and Sit inside, without your family. Cancel Christmas they tell us.

  15. No thanks is one of my favorite games for when you want to play a game with people who dont like games. Its so much fun to screw people over :p

  16. We want another TI4 playthrough but with the Prophecy of Kings expansion!

  17. Nice, living not that far away from Quedlinburg 😛

  18. I trust Tom. I recently picked up a copy of Thousand Year Old Vampire on his recommendation and I really enjoy it. I also just got pdf copies of The Wretched, The Artifact, and The Sealed Library and look forward to giving them a whirl when I have a moment.

  19. I clicked on the thumbnail to see what games Stephen Merchant recommended. I feel tricked

  20. @germans: Quacks, "Quacksalber von Quedlinburg" this week available at Aldi, Big Box with Addon for 29,99€

  21. So exciting to see The Mind recommended! It's the perfect stocking stuffer!

  22. After watching Dice Tower reviews of each of these games, i give this video a 4 thumbs down, thank you

  23. I've been playing real life Pandemic for long enough, thank you.

  24. I have been waiting for tournament at Avalon for half a year to arrive there are problems with the stock in EU

  25. ordering from abroad, this video came out unpleasantly close to Christmas

  26. Man you look like dr. Wells from Flash series

  27. So this is what Tony hawk has been up to after skating.

  28. The good news is they are all available and in stock… Except the ones that are not… The Wretched, the Librarian, Artifact.

  29. Lol, love your channel. Mic and camera in the mirror. Priceless. 😂😊😊😘

  30. Man I've missed you guys it's been a while since I've watched you. Thanks for the recommendations :')

  31. Did he really just say "short and sweet like a decapitated gingerbread man"?

  32. First time viewer, this was such a fun video with all the different players and their choices!

  33. bought Quacks on sale as a family christmas gift. our history with board games has been…. rocky, with it largely being an exercise in torturing ourselves in the name of "spending time together" so it was a bit of a risk, but by taking some of the lessons of SU&SD to heart and taking the time to learn the rules in advance and plan my explanation a bit, i was able to make The Teach not completely awful, get my ancient parents who have a hard time retaining new information to eventually mostly understand what was going on, and miraculously we've managed to actually have a good time with it so far!

    in our first game i was absolutely annihilated by lady luck, exploding about every other round, and came in dead last, conveniently demonstrating how even if you know the game better than anyone else at the table you're still fully capable of losing miserably, and even in my anguish it was still fun, pushing my luck knowing that either way everyone else would get entertainment out of it. and in our second game tonight i wound up through fortuitous circumstance amassing an absolutely monstrous bag crammed full of pumpkins and toadstools, got a fortune card doubling the value of all those pumpkins in the 2nd to last round, and mopped the floor with everyone, having well earned my right to be a shitty little gremlin about it after my spectacular defeat before. it seems like it's gonna be great fun for a while yet, especially given the variations that can be thrown in once you're used to things

    so basically, thank you SU&SD for the recommendation and approach to board gaming that has helped a family poisoned by early years of forced sitting through long slogs of Life and Racko and so on where nobody really wanted to be there, to actually enjoy and anticipate sitting around the table to play something together! maybe this will even be the gateway drug that gets us to start sinking our teeth into more complex fare in the world of Board Games That Are Actually Good…

  34. Gugong sounds WAY too much like the anti adhesive product Goo Gone

  35. I haven't played board games since my youth but now have children of 4 and 6 years old. Is there something anyone here can recommend me playing with them? (I got a giftcard that I want to spend on games for the kids).

  36. As usual you gents make me laugh while educating… looking forward to ‘21!

  37. During solo RPGs segment, was that Root book? I'm thinking about getting some solo RPG, partly as exercise for DND sessions, partly because I didn't even know they exist and concept looks very interesting 😀 but I'm bit afraid about which one I should start with.
    And I haven't seen Root Solo RPG anywhere, just Root boardgame and Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game (which I backed 😀 ) but that is not Solo RPG book or?

  38. Crazy how so many of these were reviewed recently

  39. Great video but where is MadMobz? It is one of my favourite games! Especially now that we have to stay home, my family and I play it all the time and the winner is free from any chores for the following day 😁

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