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3 Scary CHRISTMAS Games

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He sees when you are sleeping… He knows when you’re awake… and this Christmas… Santa is coming for you…
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Hustomten ►

Chimney Prowler ►

Zombie Claus ►

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  1. Whats funny about the begining is somebody door knocked at that exact moment he said that XD

  2. when u said he is at ur door i heard a knock at my door and scream on the top of my lungs XD

  3. I have seen Santa he was at the mall and I told him what I want for Christmas

  4. Jokes on you I don't have stairs in my house 😂

  5. But im in the kitchen next to the livingroom AAAAAHHH

  6. Santa:coming to murder me
    Me: Hiding and crying in the corner hugging my 12 gauge automatic assault shotgun

  7. it’s weird watching this at the end of june 2021

  8. How is ye walking up the stairs when I don't have any stairs or a chimney for him to come though

  9. No one:
    Me, watching this in June: It’s Chrismin!

  10. 0:16 jokes on you, I'm in my living room sleeping on my couch

  11. Hahaha jokes on you i dont have a chimney or a two story house

  12. Mark Hes coming down your chimney
    Me jokes on you I don't have one

  13. Mark Hes coming up the stair
    me at military base all men aim at the door santa has came to town and he isn't bringing presents

  14. So we all gonna ignore when mark said "I want a Christmas tree up my a__?

  15. Not the game scare me its the thumbnail scares me

  16. Markiplier makes a scary fake door knocking noise my door that is not closed cuz my mom did not close it

  17. This is a video I've watched way too many times

  18. Mark in the intro he coming up the stairs my brother literally started waking and I almost shit my pants

  19. Can never go wrong with a good horror game, and that is a fact.

  20. Mark: He's crawling down your chimney
    Me, knowing that our chimney flue is closed and there's a bunch of stuff blocking our fireplace because we never use it: lmao good luck with that

  21. Jokes on u I dont live up stairs
    Truly nice try tho

  22. It's the clapping of Santa's ass cheeks!

  23. HA! Jokes on you I have no chimney, no stairs, I'm in my living room, and if Santa wants some he can catch these hands for Christmas.

  24. Santa: I want to deliver present to the girls and boys, but I'm dummy thicc and the claps of my asscheeks keeps waking them up!

  25. no one talking about how the guy on the thumbnail looks like syndrome.

  26. DANGGGGGG his scream in the first like 5 seconds of the video scared me more than that jumpscare scared him

  27. Joke‘s on you!
    I‘m on the bottom floor… where Santa can get in much easier.🥺

  28. Pov: you're watching this I. The middle of the next year because this is SO funny

  29. You know the third game is the best, when Mark spends the most time on it

  30. Game: "Don't eat Santa's cookies"
    Mark: "eats them all in one second"
    Santa: I'm impressed by your speed but not by your decisions.

    I had to laugh irl after hearing this.

  31. Is anyone gonna talk about the Zombie Claus game?

  32. "He's knocking, Don't answer the door."
    Me whos door is wide open, and on a bottom floor And without a chimney: Absolutely how .

  33. how does he know its the house party house???

  34. I still fucking love the Santa Clappin game. My god. That humor is on point.

  35. uh hey mark. I don't got stairs.

    well hes here
    gg santa mark gg

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