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3 Scary Games #37

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Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean that Santa Claus can’t climb down your chimney, crawl through your house, slip through the cracks of your bedroom door, and murder you in your sleep!

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Thirstiest Time of the Year ►

Oh, It’s Christmas ►


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  1. The ads on YouTube can have the best comedic timing. Right as Ryan got splattered at 25:08 I got an ad for almonds

  2. 15:11 I really liked how she ran, lol. Like tippy-tappy 😂 But liked the game.

  3. Was the cranberry ghost game made by Bethesda?

  4. Who puts there catchphrase right next to the bodie

  5. This might be my last comment ever and no one will know

    Lahk'broan Jah'mes: Okay so I'm just gonna say this IT'S THE THIRST THIRSTIEST TIME OF THE YEAR.

  7. That first game is just "I can't believe it's not puppet combo!"

  8. Mark really had 1 bull left before offing Santa!

  9. Mark: throws Fanta at lebron

    lebron: heat seeking missile

  10. "If I was in a horror movie I would die so fast" Well…abooooout that…

  11. i love marks scared voice. it is amusing.

  12. I never thought i would throw my phone because someone saying 'wanna sprite cranberries?'

  13. 18:50 I never thought I would laugh for so long at the unconscious body of Lebron James chasing Markiplier at Christmas over Sprite Cranberry.

  14. Slay Bells Pistol Shot Kill Santa Claus Scary Axe

  15. I love coming back to Markipliers old videos it just reminds me of the good times, when I was just comfy in my bed watching this specific one

  16. 18:01 "did he bust my door- AHH AH GOD I WASTED ALL MY CRANBERRY" -Markiplier 2020

  17. Santa coming around the corner didnt make me jump mark did 😂

  18. The way LeBron followed him when he was down😂😂😂

  19. who else came back to this 3 years later

  20. Mark: There's no bullets!
    Bullets: I was right by the gun, dummy!

  21. The fuck is this shit dude I will sue u if u keep playing this shit 😢😢❤😂

  22. Me watching this in October and wondering who tf designed the LeBron game LOL. My dude slid up the road towards him🤣.

  23. watching christmas content on halloween (i didnt know it was christmas themed games when i clicked on it but im commiting)

  24. i love markipliers of!!! subscribed sooo fast ☺️🥰🥰🥰

  25. I come back once a year to hear the tale of saint cranberries

  26. “If I were in a horror movie” hmmmmm

  27. Hope you dost mind me asking but what happened to your hand?

  28. The person in the first game is a ho ho ho

  29. The first game is so oddly comforting. It's so tragic, yet I somehow feel very comforted by it.

  30. “tasty cat and mouse experiment….thats different” -Markipliee

  31. I swear its a Christmas tradition to watch Mark play A Game Jam Something at this point

  32. Merry christmas 🙂 Watch this every year now

  33. This is 1 of the many reasons, why mark is such a good person. Because I would never waste my time, playing these stupid games.

  34. 16:35 I’ve never heard a more sincerely confused and bewildered “what” in my life. It’s so perfect

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