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45 Christmas Games For Families | Christmas Party Games EVERYONE WILL PLAY

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45 Christmas games for families to play at their Christmas party. Christmas is my favorite time of year, and now (2020), more than ever, our families need fun games to play. Games encourage laughter, team work, and deep connections. Forget all the craziness of 2020 and through a family fun night of Christmas themed party games using supplies you already have at home or that cost very little to purchase. Scroll down to access time stamps for each game.
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🎄 Christmas Games Playlist:

🎄 Play What’s Missing Christmas Edition and other holiday themed screen based games:

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Inflatable Reindeer Toss game:

*Time Stamps*
0:00 Intro & Greeting
1:00 Ping Pong Christmas Stocking
1:21 The Quarter Game
2:00 Christmas Nurse
2:37 Snow Shovel Race
3:10 Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?
3:23 Let It Go Relay Race
3:39 It’s Cold Outside Relay Race
3:55 Christmas Bow Tic Tac Toe
4:07 Christmas Wind Up
4:30 The Garland Game
4:50 Jingle Bell Toss
5:25 Unwrap Your Kiss (Variation #1)
5:44 Christmas Bow Roll
6:17 The Red Christmas Tree
6:43 Unwrap Your Kiss (Variation #2)
7:03 Snowball Toss
7:43 Elf Command Dance
8:12 Snowed In
8:44 Inflatable Reindeer Toss
9:00 Cookie Cutter Maze
9:17 Cookie Cutter Stack
9:29 Cherry Pie
9:47 Bobbing For Candy Canes
9:57 The Saran Wrap Game
10:11 The Rudolf Challenge
10:25 Cotton Ball Drop
10:40 Marshmallow Chopsticks
10:55 Frozen Tinsel Thaw
11:13 Flip Flop Fling
11:25 Cherries In The Snow
11:37 Shake It Ornaments
11:50 Christmas Lingo
11:58 Candy Cane Drop
12:15 Sticky Marshmallow Challenge
12:30 Marshmallow Toss
12:44 Bite The Christmas Bag
12:55 Candy Cane Toss
13:11 Rudolph Reindeer Relay Race
13:34 Frozen T-shirt Challenge
14:10 Draw It Christmas Tree
14:21 Melt The Ice
14:53 Blow It
15:05 Candy Cane Fencing
15:17 The Oven Mitt Game
15:32 Guess How Many Snowballs

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