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Start your Christmas party off right by using one or more of these 5 new Christmas Party Games! Fun for young and old, individuals or groups, these games will bring energy to your party. For more games go to

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  1. These are fantastic! Thank you so much!!!🎉🎄 🤗

  2. we did the Christmas song one last year. this is not new

  3. Some of these will be on my game list. 🎉❤

  4. Some great ideas. The candy cane game is just genius. Stealing that one….

  5. Fantastic ideas for Christmas games 😊😊😊😊😊

  6. I watched at least 10 other videos regarding Christmas games and your suggestions are simple, more cost efficient, and games that are appealing. Thank you for sharing these ideas.

  7. Love you guys, ur ideas are awesome, I love it

  8. Love Word Game Best! Single as Kids ages 5-11yrs! Songs not good! Youths/ Adults for Songs! 👍

  9. Seeing how everyone is happy together with their family this festive season still breaks me. After my husband walked out on me and our three children, it's been hard trying to cope without him, providing for them alone and the house has been mentally and physically draining, I can't even provide for my kids the Christmas presents they have all been longing for.

  10. The Langsdorf family might have to use these! Hi Robbie!

  11. i remember last year my teacher put on these videos during class

  12. If you don't have marbles, gumballs will work 😉

  13. Thank you for these great Ideas 💡

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