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5 crazy Christmas games you never knew existed

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Ian Higton is back with a special Christmas episode of GYNKE! Check out 5 freaky games with a festive flavour as Ian discovers 5 crazy Christmas games you never knew existed!

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  1. I miss these sort of vids where Ian gets to chat about retro games.

  2. Amazing. Middle of August and I am eating a pig in a blanket as he said so.

  3. This is a crazyyyyyyy list. Merry Christmas too!

  4. I’m not sure if Christmas Seaman is for the children that have been good or bad.

  5. Christmas seaman, sounds more like something out of a south park cartoon than a video game.

  6. What is the name of the game at 0:30
    i played that game a lot when i was a kid but cant remember its name

  7. Hope all of team Eurogamer have a lovely Christmas, but especially Ian coz he rocks!!!!

  8. Is it a coincidence that children began finding Spectrum games in their stockings around the same time as all the coal mines began to close down? Hmm..
    Happy Solstice, Eurogamers.

  9. “Merry Christmas and all that bollocks, am a grumpy old bastard “ 😂 Never change Ian, never change.

  10. Lemmings Xmas Pack, Jazz Jackrabbit Christmas Edition, SkyRoads Xmas Edition, Carmageddon Xmas Pack, Jack in the Dark, Jetpack Christmas Special, there are lots of great christmas games or addons.

    My favourite was Snowball Fight, probably the first greatest meme flash game from the late 90s.

  11. This video is proof that Ian is the drunk uncle we all deserve for the holidays.

  12. Mulled wine is grim? What is wrong with you?

  13. Merry Christmas guys, hope you have a wonderful time.

  14. How could Ian miss the Star of David's in Plum Duff's flying level!
    He didn't even mention them as an obstacle nm being another dodgey aspect of the game.
    Come on Ian, you can't have drunk that much mulled wine.

  15. Christmas Higton is Salty Higton. Merry Christmas all.

  16. Great Stuart Ashens impression there Ian. Merry Christmas. Oh and I just saw a review of Christmas Caper done.

  17. My sister and I loved James Pond as kids – we lived in the U.S. and never knew it was a British game!

  18. Do they just lock Ian in over Christmas?

  19. 7:00 "god save us from the Trump" I think we can all relate to that.

  20. Ladies and gentlemen, the saviour of the Eurogamer channel, Sir Ian of Higton. May his videos continue indefinitely. Huzzah! Merry Christmas!

  21. "Merry Christmas, and all that bollocks" haha

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