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5 Festive Horror Games to Scare You This Christmas

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Christmas isn’t typically a season we associate with horror games, however there have been several Christmas themed horror games over the years and in this video we take a look at 5 of the scariest festive horror games. These games range from titles covering Christmas themed Urban Legends to Killer toys and even cleaning up after a murderous Santa Claus. So sit back, relax and enjoy this look at 5 scary Christmas horror games.

Check out the games featured in this video:
Irony of Nightmare:

Frosty Nights:

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage:

Krampus is Home


You’ve been watching SuperHorrorBro Mike and this was a look at the top 5 scariest Christmas Horror Games. If you enjoyed this video remember to like, comment and subscribe for more horror related content.

Music by Kevin MacLeod


  1. I've never liked Christmas always was stupid to me

  2. Well i have a noise and and i got push and barf blood

  3. Are used to have one of those at home what died because of the wind broke

  4. 0:46 me when somebody doesn't pick the map that i want in piggy

  5. Actually for the deer it follows red light green light rules
    (Doesn't move when looked at, moves when not looked at)

  6. The reindeer in Krampus Is Home is Rudolph.exe

  7. Can the player just show evil Jack Frost Anti Freeze? That should kill him or make him leave you alone forever.A heat Gun or hair dryer will destroy him too.:-):-D Poor elves.:-O:-( Video game Puzzles are wonderful.:-):-D

  8. Why are game devs relying so much on jumpscare nowadays when creepy horror exploration (like detention, Gone Home or Fatal frame) are so much more enjoyable?

  9. I live in Canada one of the coldest countrys in the world

  10. Krampus is home
    Is literally like piggy with his infected sidekicks

  11. Christmas is Jesus birthday

  12. Irony of Nightmare: Very gruesome
    Frosty Nights: Frisk thinks about the secret ending
    Santa’s Rampage: Ugly
    TattleTail: Funny?
    Krampus is home: -_-

  13. I dont know if i heard that right, but
    b O R B L E s?

  14. I love Xmas I love God and I love Xmas horror games

  15. My dad made a Krause hat which has a beard with blood on it and a Santa hat and horns too! It’s really cool

  16. Here’s a tip for how to make jump scares not scare you just say jump scare jump scare jump scare jump scare whatever you think a jump scare is coming or just keep saying jump scare for the whole entire game which is gonna be annoying or just expect a jump scare at every single moment that sounds fun doesn’t it?

  17. Ow! I bite my thumb when the deer jump scare happened

  18. I had to watch this in December

  19. its almost christmas for me so thats why im watching this video i just need to sleep 1 more time then its a christmas party in my school im so excited :3

  20. They need to make a Krampus Video Game, right? If you haven't watched Krampus, watch it, it's great if you have Spectrum.

  21. Krampus is like kinder lowper

  22. nice video what about top 5 hanukka horror games?

  23. Call Me Kevin Played Krampus is Home. It looked pretty bad.

  24. It should be SuperHorrorBroMike not SuperHorrorBro.

  25. Do a video about danganronpa! The deaths and executions are super greusome

  26. Me at every other jumpscare:

    Me at tattletail jumpscare because im so used to it:

  27. How come all the scary games are near the time my father was born, 1983

  28. "Irony of nightmare is a small puzle game that can be beaten under an hour" well, thanks to you spoiling the experience i wont have to waste that hour

    for a video that is suposed to make me interested on this videogames you made me loose all interest (you dont make a recomendation of a movie or a book and then proceed to spoil the ending, videogames are no diferent)

  29. SuperHorrorBro, the man who ruins Christmas

  30. (I mean this as a compliment) superhorrorbro is the YouTube version of Albert Hitchcock

  31. am i the only one who thought that was the puppet

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