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5 Festive Horror Games to Scare You This Christmas

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Christmas isn’t typically a season we associate with horror games, however there have been several Christmas themed horror games over the years and in this video we take a look at 5 of the scariest festive horror games. These games range from titles covering Christmas themed Urban Legends to Killer toys and even cleaning up after a murderous Santa Claus. So sit back, relax and enjoy this look at 5 scary Christmas horror games.

Check out the games featured in this video:
Irony of Nightmare:

Frosty Nights:

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage:

Krampus is Home


You’ve been watching SuperHorrorBro Mike and this was a look at the top 5 scariest Christmas Horror Games. If you enjoyed this video remember to like, comment and subscribe for more horror related content.

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  1. Where's that one game where Lebron James breaks in your house to force Sprite Cranberry down your throat?

  2. You missed a game I forgot the name but it was something like zombie Santa and it was Christmas but there are scary zombies

  3. 1. That first game is the equivalent of a twelve year old's sonic.exe creepypasta 3/10
    2. The second game was better, but the jumpscare sfx and the cassette tape just sucked 5/10
    3. The best game 11/10
    4. It is another krampus game, those are so cliche. Also the animations and graphics suck 2/10
    5. Tattletail was a good game, it has an interesting story and good schematics to scare you 8/10


  5. It’s the most creepiest tiiime…of the year~

  6. This is so messed up! Christmas is so-posed to be the lighthearted and happiest holiday of the year and people decide to do horror stuff with it?!?! That's Terrifying! That's unacceptable! For crying out load wheres there Christmas spirit?

  7. Me: hello is this domino's
    Domino's guy: yeah, what do you want
    Me: I want a demon
    Me: hears loud crack
    Also me: I'll lick the floor

  8. 6:54 I'am from Czech republic, and this beeing is not scary for me… it is part of my childhood. 😀

  9. Christmas is the time to be happy and jolly or is it 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  10. Have you heard of "Peace On Earth"? "Good Will Toured Men"?

  11. My Top 5 (Uses These Games But How I Find Them Scary Also This My Opinion Not Yours)
    5:Krampus Is Home
    4:Irony Of Nightmare
    3:Viscera Cleanup Detail Santas Rampage
    1:Frosty Nights

  12. Por pig but why was it screaming probably when he dlam the fridge I didn’t know what do you think

  13. I didn't even know there was Christmas horror games!^_^

  14. Yeah tattletail scared me too deaths one time and now I'm scared of Christmas……………

  15. 'and into the unknown…'


  16. Oh for the love of Jack skeleton!Chirstmas isn't supposed to be scary. I guess for all the scares in those games are good for
    Halloween and Christmas together jack skeleton is sure love these games !chirstmas is haunted by mama tattletale!so deck the halls with dead bodies. It's the season to be scared and mama tattletale is on her way with her razor sharp teeth a waiting in a wrapped up chirstmas present. Moo ha ha ha!

  17. Why are a ton of horror games about surviving 5 nights

  18. I am just 7 years old and i love horror games

  19. Aight imma hide in the comments again

    Again again

  20. Once I build snowman’s I break it cause it’s satisfying

  21. Why Christmas is my favorite holiday why Mike

  22. Krampus comes home: And goes to investigate
    Me: White people always investigating

  23. Once I saw Krampus I was too scared to sleep and I always said I believed in Santa because I was paranoid 😅

  24. Christmas: is about happiness and loving your loved ones
    Germany: YES THAT, but the opposite.

  25. Well i don't do Christmas….so JOKES ON YOU.

  26. It may be wrong, but festive horror games are my most favorite horror games.

  27. SHB: santas rampage is a terrifying depiction of santas workshop

    Me, making a stack of buckets: hehe bucket together go tall

  28. how i react to jumpscares: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FRICK!WHAT THE

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