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6 Christmas Games For Kids

Twinkl Teaches KS2
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In this video, Twinkl Teacher Jack showcases six fun Christmas Party games, perfect to share with your children in the holiday season:

What activities will children get to try?

1) What’s in The Stocking? – Once you hide some items in a stocking, children will see if they can guess what the items are using only their sense of touch.

2) Tricky Mittens – How many sweets can your children unwrap whilst wearing mittens? You could even time them for even more of a challenge.

3) Snowman Bowling – Once you’ve drawn a design onto a set of cups, stack them on top of one another and throw a snowball (a sock or something similar) to see how many you can knock over. You may also like to try setting them up like in a bowling alley.

4) Jingle Bell Drop – Similar to before, why not create a new design but with the cups facing upwards. See if your child can throw items into the cups instead of knocking them over. You may also like to hide some sweets in the cups!

5) Letter to Santa – Once you’ve got a letter drafted, delete some words from the paragraphs. With the new gaps, get your friends and family to add some new words to create a crazy story!

6) Christmas Versions – Why not take some classical games, such as Simon Says, and transform it into a Christmas fun with Santa Says. Musical Statues? Why not Musical Snowmen? Maybe you could try Pass the Present.

0:00 Introduction
0:18 What’s in The Stocking?
1:35 Tricky Mittens
2:20 Snowman Bowling
3:15 Jingle Bell Drop
3:55 Letter to Santa
5:43 Christmas Versions
6:40 Other Christmas games and resources

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