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7 Fun Christmas Games To Beat Boredom! DIY Holiday Game Night Ideas & Relatable Situations

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We all love Christmas, well, except for one guy – Mr. Grinch. This time, he’ll try to ruin our Christmas and rob us of our fun with his “boredom dust”! Well, we’ve got news for ya, buddy – Panda won’t let that happen! Have fun and learn cool ways to use that overload of Christmas cookies and challenge your friends and siblings to a ‘shaking a box of tennis balls’ dance-off! Call your friends and family, and stay tuned for more funny relatable situations and challenges!

00:00 Throw And Land Pencils
01:37 Elf-snot Gift Card
03:24 Popping Balloons With Mittens
04:56 Eating Cookies Of Your Face
06:34 Snack Checkers
08:05 Hair Tie Game
09:33 Shake The Box

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