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8 Christmas Game Night Ideas To Overcome Boredom! Funny And Relatable Holiday Situations

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Grinch might have an agenda to ruin this Christmas with boredom, but his pranks won’t stop us from having an amazing and fun time celebrating! Here is a funny video of fun Christmas games that include using a pair of cooking mittens to open that bundle of Christmas gifts or if those presents include a bunch of pencils, make a pencil-catching challenge out of them! Learn cool ways to use that overload of Christmas cookies and challenge your friends and siblings to a ‘shaking a box of tennis balls’ dance-off! Call your friends and family, and stay tuned for more funny relatable situations and challenges!

00:00 Hair Tie Game
01:27 Popping Balloons With Mittens
02:59 Shake The Box
04:53 Open Gifts With Cooking Mittens
05:54 Elf-snot Gift Card
07:41 Eating Cookies Of Your Face
09:18 Throw And Land Pencils
10:56 Snack Checkers

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  1. Hey, Festive Pandas, 🐼🎅
    It's time to show the Grinch where lies the true Christmas spirit! 😎🎄😇
    I’ve gathered a whole bunch of awesome Christmas game ideas to fight that boredom! 😐⚡🔥
    Let me know which of these challenges was your favorite? 🤩🧤🎁
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    Much love from the Girly Panda 💖💖💖

  2. The grinch really lost his temper! Merry Christmas guys!! 😂😁🎄

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