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8 out of 10 cats – Christmas Games

Anti Bullshit
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  1. 7:13 out loud hes showing "this is so stupid"
    But in reality hes going "game on!"

  2. Am I the only one who knew that sean was lying??

  3. This might be the funniest Shaun lock episode

  4. If the carrot was in the other box, it would be 1 carat in gold.

  5. "Who is the warmest athlete?"
    "Hussein Bolt he lives in Jamaica." 😂

  6. Sean really did make carrot in a box go from as forgettable as the decibel challenge into one of the funniest moments on tele in a while!

  7. I've never seen Jimmy so broken by laughter. It's fucking wonderful!

  8. Carrot in a box is possible the best game ever invented. I'm playing this game every year from now on.

  9. Sean Lock is officially the greatest hustler on the face of the earth.

  10. Am I the only one who really wishes to know what the hell the peas game would have been?

  11. blocked in UK -_-. Seriously Channel 4? You think we can't handle this?

  12. I’m so proud of myself I knew the Carrot wasn’t in his box! 😂

  13. Hahahaha a bunch of morons having fun. Hilarious! Thank you <3

  14. So good at bluffing, the whole crew thought he fucked up lol.

  15. Damn, Roisin rocking some sweet cleavage.

  16. Bad bluff – Opponent can tell you're lying
    Okay bluff – Opponent can only really guess whether you're lying or not
    Good bluff – Opponent actively thinks you're telling the truth, but still can't be sure
    Sean Locke bluff – Opponent is thoroughly convinced you're just too stupid and/or don't care enough to bother lying.

  17. Posted by "Anti bullshit"… This show is the greatest bullshit ever released on television. (That is why we love it so much.)

  18. They are effectively louder than my 12 gauge shotgun at the pump handle

  19. the show can reach fame like top gear or mr. bean if it was telecasted worldwide.

  20. Mmmmm i just noticed how sexy Jon's dimples are. I'd love to see him without clothes, WHOOOPS, I meant a beard!!! Freudian slip?

  21. Can someone please tell me which season and episode is this ? Thanks

  22. I think it was a combo of reaching inside the box, to make it seems like he was picking out the rules, and also the slightly confused 'I'll keep this', cause it made it seem like he didn't understand the rules and just wanted to keep the carrott. The confusing thing for me is that it seemed like he didn't know the rules until Jimmy explained them to him, but I guess he must've cause he was lying the whole time.

  23. 8:17 … You know its real when Jimmy laughs without his trademark sound… RIP Sean Lock…

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