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A Very Payne-Ful Christmas – Games Set In December?

Badger Goodger
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These games might not directly be about Christmas, but two are possibly set around the holidays and another two are definitely set around this time, so why not get into the spirit of the season with them? You’re at least better off playing these than watching “Home Alone 4.”


  1. I think the lack of Christmas decorations in the original max Payne indicate that it’s January or February

  2. The copious amount of painkillers in his system is what probably kept him warm

  3. I always think of Mafia 2 when it's christmas :p

  4. I grew up playing max Payne as a kid on ps2. The first two games were absolutely legendary. I can still go back and beat them on hardest difficulty

  5. One game that is definitely set during Christmas is Batman Arkham Origins and one game that somewhat celebrates the holiday is Fallout 4. If the in-game date is Christmas then Diamond City (Fenway Park) is covered in Christmas lights and things but that goes away the next in-game day.

  6. I'm surprised you didn't mentioned games like Mafia II and Tom Clancy's The Division. Theses games have strong christmas vibes.

  7. This debate about what time of year Max Payne takes place at reminded me of Nicole Horne's grave from Max Payne 3, couldn't it be a hint of sorts? I don't really remember whether there is an exact date there on her tombstone though.
    edit: She actually is in a mausoleum, not just a grave, damn, that's bad memory for you. And there is no date mentioned there as far as I'm aware.

  8. Man Max Payne sure is a nice Xmass game. Im sure Max got a really nice present when he got ho…

  9. Good video i like it. More please 😉

  10. Technically speaking we know where the introduction part of Max Payne happens. In Max Payne 3 you can find Michelles grave with the date 8-22-1998 written on it. Which seems really odd as this places the game in August???

  11. Man down here in vice city we dont have winter. We only have summer, and colder summer 😔

  12. merry Christmas Badger. cant wait to see more of your work:)

  13. True Crime New York City, another good christmas intro

  14. this is an incredible channel! love your work man

  15. Pretty late, but GTA SA is also probably set in December, cause there is some songs released in December '92. There was a Gtaforums post about it.

  16. Never notices that the GTA V
    prologue was in December

  17. Comfy video, comfy topic. Hope to see another one this december 🙂

  18. Max payne I need a leather jacket LOL badger

  19. Some of the Yakuza games are set in December too. True Crime New York also.

  20. Blue Stinger on the Dreamcast is set at Christmas. It has a very Christmas look in places, with lots of decorations, and also some festive music.

  21. Batman arkham origins is another game that had a emphasis on Xmas

  22. Hope you do another one like this on Christmas. Love the comfy chill vibe and your voice is just relaxing.

  23. I think the lack of Christmas decorations in the original max Payne indicate that it’s January or February

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