Adley gets a ROBLOX DOG!! Dance Off with Dad! Playing family and a new pet for my roblox birthday! -

Adley gets a ROBLOX DOG!! Dance Off with Dad! Playing family and a new pet for my roblox birthday!

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i accidentally turned dad into a chicken🐔


HEY EVERYBODY!! It’s ROBLOX time again!! last time we played roblox we played a game called wacky wizards, it’s a game where you make a bunch of different magic potions! today i had to make dad a potion because he wouldn’t wake up.. i mixed together all of the potion ingredients that i had into a cup and gave it to dad! i didn’t know what the potion would do, but when he woke up.. i accidentally turned dad into a chicken!! good thing i know magic spells so i could turn him back into a human! then we decided to play a new game where you have 1 minute to dress up in super cute clothes and have a dance party competition! after our dance off we decided to play 1 more game! this time we just played a family game.. dad was the daddy and i was baby Adley! we pretended that tomorrow was my birthday and for my birthday i got a pet dog!! my roblox puppy was the cutest!! i can’t wait for all the fun things to do with my new doggy!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*


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  2. Jerzee and Della’s world! Awesome! says:

    I love your videos

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  5. I will send you a TikTok face how do you make YouTube channels at the fountain and play Roblox I don’t know why by

  6. HAPpY ok No Thank you Hil
    Happy birthday🏩💒🎠🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊33sha

  7. Happy birthday adley! I wish u a good birthday!

  8. It’s out please birthday today or she is having a good day and growing up she’s gonna be 16 alright or five or 16 or 17

  9. Let me see it again I I said the wrong word

  10. Hi Adley I really want to see you in real life

  11. And you are growing up so fast and I love your shows

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