ADMIN IMPOSTER Mod in Among Us -


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We add an ADMIN IMPOSTOR in Among us!

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Mod maker Phil:

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  1. ADMIN!!!!! ROBOX!!!!!! COOL!!!!!!!!

  2. I want to watch tds in play

  3. Hey I didn’t get be in before it turns white

  4. I've been banned from a game on roblox for no reason and another one in robots for admin abuse

  5. I-I I got banned from Roblox f-f for something i didnt do :'(

  6. i agree with debo a star wars mod would be nice

  7. SSundee do you think you can make a dead by daylight mod? idk what the abilities would be but i think its a cool idea

  8. "If you have never been banned, hit the like button."

  9. Hell yeah I haven't been baned from anything and also king of among us also I retired I don't know why I am saying also but I am also🤣playing pubgm also my name on player unknown battle ground also aka PUBG is SÇPVÉÑÓM

  10. Hey is it real that you visit Israel

  11. Jojo mod: Dio can stop time, throw knives, yeet a steamroller. You can also turn into Giorgio who can create a massive Dino to kill anyone in its path. Also, can we just appreciate how the code was footme?

  12. I'm more than banned on Roblox IM DELETED

  13. i wish that inever got band but i still liked

  14. look, I'm sorry to have to be the one to say this, but these ideas are getting cringe. Among us died already and I can tell that you are runnning out of ideas. It's time to move on

  15. THE LIKE BUTTON TURNED BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. This is just a suggestion make a hacker mod then an admin vs hacker.

  17. What was that timing i was playing a game and ssundee said “if you didnt get banned in a game hit that like button and if you’re not lying it turns blue” mine turned white and a minute after i get banned from a game since i was hacking ;-;

  18. The stupid mod: everyone is stupid/dum, and that have to study when they study they unlock new powers

  19. bruh why does this mod give me the tingles tho

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