Adopt Me 2021 Christmas Games To GET GINGERBREAD FAST! Roblox Adopt Me 2021 Gingerbread Minigames -

Adopt Me 2021 Christmas Games To GET GINGERBREAD FAST! Roblox Adopt Me 2021 Gingerbread Minigames

Cookie Cutter
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How To Play ALL Adopt Me Christmas Minigames! Roblox Adopt Me 2021 Gingerbread Minigames! how to play pet resue, present shuffle and ice skating in adopt me! Roblox adopt me christmas 2021 new update release mini games
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  1. The minigames are so cool 😀
    Btw I join the giveway ! The ice golem is amazing ! My username is Arkena85

  2. T̸h̷e̴ ̸ 🖤P̵u̵p̶p̶e̷t̶e̸r̸🖤 says:

    Ice golem looks soo cute and cool!it's like a cooler version of snowman

  3. My username is pizzaandroni

    Good luck everyone

  4. Username:starklittle I would really appreciate a ride potion or any of the Christmas pets anyways love your videos so much keep up the really good work

  5. I love everything of this event, is just precious. And the minigames are really fun and give quiet a lot, which is awesome!
    User is LuisPenguin46, i'd really love a ice golem for i.

  6. Can I have a ice golem plz my user is NaiaB122

  7. My user is lovecookieswirlcandy I WANT ONEEEEE

  8. Love the new ice golem!! Really want one! Thx!!

  9. 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞would love the golem….thanks for your cool vid as always Cookie – Kollie1677

  10. The husky is my favorite pet this Christmas but I was shocked that the pets were expensive 🤧😩 but I think it’s ok we have 35 days more 😏

  11. Username: Bluetigger6 can I plz get the ice golem

  12. Username: stupetfatcat
    I don't really care if i lose ill just work my own money for Christmas. Have a nice day everyone 💙

  13. Bruhhhhh this youtuber just want likes and subs he never read the comment we aint getting a item

  14. I would really like one my username is Dinosaurcadeon

  15. my username i PrincessParisMermaimd I really want a new pet

  16. I really want the ice golem it's my favorite

  17. Username Priyajauuuuuu
    Pls i have no one premium pet

  18. The event is very cool and the minigames are so awesome to play . Thanks for providing so much information about the event . Username is eshugameryt and I would really love a ice golem

  19. OMG yes I want one my username I mean Roblox username is keysgritay1

  20. Wow, thanks for the tutorial it really helped me. I would love to get and ice golem.
    My username is "ShravaniVaishnavi "

  21. Your videos are so cool and awesome my roblox username is kobe32613

  22. I have subscribed pls that my dp the ice golem
    Good luck everyone
    I hope I win because its my dp
    Username mithrasuresh

  23. My username is CloudyPumpkin2009 and I would like to have an ice golem 🙂

  24. "Hello cookie!!"
    "Can i join the give away"
    "And i love ur vids!! "
    "My user "salsamolly"

  25. I love all of the ways can I have a golem

  26. My username is Chael_8726 I want ice golem idol

  27. I want the ice golem
    Username: "WonderFeathers"

  28. I wold really like one user is PLBEL2107

  29. I want a ice golem Please 🙁 its my Dream pet 🙁

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