Are these Christmas Games a HO HO HO or a NO NO NO?! -

Are these Christmas Games a HO HO HO or a NO NO NO?!

Blue Television Games
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To celebrate the holiday Lair Gaming and Blue Television Games played some random Christmas video games. Some of these are funny, some scary, and some are just weird. In the end they both had fun. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all!

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  1. Welp, at least Lair was with you in the first game.

  2. Fun fact: santa claws is a name from a villain in miraculous(a child series) too

  3. What's scary in my opinion was Darby playing a scary Christmas game

  4. I have a question, why are there Christmas themed horror games?

  5. Hey darby Can you play my level? It’s called Koopa bounce! The course id is JVN-TQH-RXG it’s my first level. It already has a few plays

  6. I was gonna make a “Tony Hawk Pro Skater is a real Christmas game” joke but I instantly realized it was a crapy joke.

  7. My Christmas present was Mario kart 8 deluxe!
    Hope next year i can get Mario maker 2

  8. Epic news I’m finally done with punch out it’s done I’ve beaten him!

  9. ITS SPOOKY BEFORE CHRIS- wait, this is the wrong channel to comment that

  10. Happy new year
    Is time to get gear
    Cause santa is here

    Little creepy Carol about santa

  11. Interesting and good games. I am enjoyed, Darby and Lair😐

  12. Dashing through the snow, in an 8-bit open sleigh.
    Is Darby and Lair, playing games today!

  13. This was a very nice video. Also you should continue in super discord world 2 there is 9 worlds I’m in world 4 you should make more videos. I liked all these vids BTW KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  14. You mean, it's not normal to leave Candy Canes in the tub?

  15. Im new to this channel and I love.subeed and turned on notifications

    I am a kid

  17. If the first one didnt have the creepy santa it would have been a ho3 to me.

  18. Hello BTG! These games are a NO NO NO, but Mario Multiverse is HO HO HO

  19. Love this channel. I've been a fan since 2017 and still watching 😁

  20. I love your videos! Could I please get a reply, it would make me so happy!

  21. Why can we eat all the candy canes, there good! XD

  22. Well……. I'm 11 years old AND I've watched the WHOLE Stranger Things show ! PS: have YOU TWO ever watched stranger things before?🤔 also merry Christmas and a happy new year!😎🤓😀 plz reply

  23. I know I'm a little late but Merry Christmas I got a Nintendo labo vr. Reply what you got if you want to 🙂

  24. Not even kidding, in the beginning of the second game I thought that was actually voice acting from the game.

  25. Don't you just hate it when you're enjoying Christmas and a random sprite attacks you out of nowhere.

  26. ugggggh the first one is so insane

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