Are these Christmas Games a HO HO HO or a NO NO NO?! -

Are these Christmas Games a HO HO HO or a NO NO NO?!

Blue Television Games
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To celebrate the holiday Lair Gaming and Blue Television Games played some random Christmas video games. Some of these are funny, some scary, and some are just weird. In the end they both had fun. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all!

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  1. I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday! Here's one last Christmas video for this year. Let me know what you thought of these weird games. Thanks for being part of BTG! #YouGuysRock

  2. Eduardo NotReferenceToAnythingLikeItsANameYouCanGet says:

    im early yay

  3. Hi BTG! I think this is a good video!
    I am the first one to watch this.
    I love your YouTube channel!

  4. That was a great intro. Let's do it!

    Darby, 2019.

  5. Is this… Spooky… after Christmas?

  6. Santa was drinking too much eggnog.

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