Best and biggest Christmas saran wrap prize ball party game! -

Best and biggest Christmas saran wrap prize ball party game!

S Zamora
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Family plays plastic wrap ball game made with tons of prizes and 1,400 sq ft of plastic wrap! #christmas #familyfun #prizesfordays


  1. When we play you have to immediately pass the ball if you tear or poke a hole in the saran wrap

  2. I was rooting for the young man, glad he won. LOL Can't wait to play

  3. Anything that goes to landfills has the potential to end up in the water. Plastic has recently been found in the stomachs of the deepest known sea creatures causing it to become part of the food chain. Plastic has been found in the seafood we eat. Even our water treatment systems are unable to filter out plastic microfiber from our clothing after being in washing machines. Recycled materials can only be recycled a maximum of 7-9 times. For your future gatherings, please find materials that don't cause plastic waste.

  4. Poor Steve. Home girl could roll some doubles

  5. Enjoyed watching your family play. Going to play this game at Thanksgiving 2018. Happy Holidays. You all Rock.

  6. LOLOLOL You guys looked like you had so much fun!!!!!

  7. we do this every year except it's packing tape on boxes

  8. This looked really fun!! Its all about family and you all have shown that family can have fun!!! The little boy was soooooo cute!!!!!

  9. I love this!! Trying it this year with my family. I first saw this game a week ago. They used some pieces of candy for prizes and a $20 bill at the end.I decided to make mine with 20 $1 bills, 3 $5 bills, a few random prizes like a lint brush, a nail brush, a bag of cashews, some Samsung ear buds, a pack of facial masks, and a $10 bill in the end. I gift wrapped the gift prizes and put the bills in plastic easter eggs. Then I wrapped everything individually in a lot of plastic wrap and then wrapped them in more plastic making a pretty large, complicated ball. Like your ball, I wanted it to be big, have a variety of stuff and make it a more lasting game. I enjoyed watching your family have so much fun…and anticipate mine having a blast as well. Merry Christmas and more great times to you and yours!

  10. Please for everyone who wants to do this on their parties, try and find a less wasteful alternative.

  11. I wouldn't invite the lady with the pony tail wearing the red sweater again because she doesn't know how to have fun, she kept ripping the ball and that is against the rules

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