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Best Christmas Games – VideoGamer Picks

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It’s the best christmas video games. Christmas is almost here, and as such, you want to play some games that make you feel all festive! For the record, these are not Christmas-themed games. These are games that make us feel ‘Christmas-ey’… There’s a difference! Subscribe for more gaming nonsense: .

With all that in mind, it shouldn’t surprise you that there’s some odd choices here, including Street Fighter 2. But we justify it, so listen, think of Santa Claus and enjoy.

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  1. Arkham Origins! That's a perfect christmas game. But to me, there's a game that's called I-Ninja, and it's not an iPhone game. It's pretty fun, kind of a puzzle platfromer action game. It's not that good, but it's not bad either.

  2. My first memories of getting a console/game for Christmas was also the N64 as many others were. It was the lime green N64 that came bundled with Donkey Kong 64. I remember freaking out that I had gotten it, getting super excited and running to my room to hook it up. I set it up, popped the cartridge into the system, flicked the power button and POOF a tiny wiff of grey smoke came from the system. I took the cartridge out and looked at it, inside the where the pins were was a tiny piece of aluminium that I guess when the pins connected completely fried the system and game.

    I had to wait till the next day to return it, and they were out of the lime green consoles, and didn't know if they were gonna get any more in, so I had to settle for the regular grey console and the white cartridge for DK64…. that still saddens me.

  3. I don't know about you but I never get the opportunity to play anything on Christmas Day. When you're a kid you can get away with it but as an adult you always have work to do (cooking, cleaning, keeping the brats happy) or all that pesky socializing and playing crap board games.

  4. Wario World, top Christmas game and an underrated gem imo, a truly excellent edition to anyone's GameCube collection!

  5. I really enjoyed this video. Pretty heartwarming. Good stuff lads 🙂

  6. I usually am too tired and ill from the amount of food I've eaten to play video games on Christmas. I then resort to watching the Shrek movies or something equally stupid, I think I watched all 3 LOTR movies last year whilst feeling terrible and joking with my family.

    If I chose a game to play with them it would probably be Cel Damage: Overdrive for PS2, my brother and sister and I used to play it a lot when we were younger, it was awesome.

  7. Is this an honest video about christmas? … mmm .. sorry but … I'm just disappointed.

  8. Yes! Die Hard! I watched my dad play that for hours when I was a little'un.
    Thanks a lot Miller, now I have to buy a copy and ignore my family even more over Xmas.

  9. "WWE Christmas No Attitude" sounds like a brilliant game tho.

  10. I've got Ocarina of Time for the 3DS, had it for years and I still haven't played past the first hour. I feel really bad about that.

  11. Spyro and crash bandicoot.. the best memories

  12. I had that exact situation with Wii Sports. Brought it around for a christmas and spent the entire night playing Bowling with my family. Even my mum and dad joined in, despite my dad being severely anti-videogames.

    Then the next year, right before christmas, Dad quietly took me aside and went "so.. uh.. this year.. it'd be okay if you brought that game thing again."

    I'll remember that till the day I die and it's the reason why the wii holds a special place in my heart.

  13. Not one to plug normally but for some Nights understanding watch the digi valentine playthrough

  14. The synchronization between Scammel's ramblings and Miller's list was amazing.

  15. I always play a Tomb Raider game on Christmas Eve to get into the Christmas spirit. This is mainly because I got a sega saturn with Tomb Raider and Alien Trilogy for Christmas '96.

  16. game of the year LEAGUE OF LEGENDS! i play xmas and everyday with my family of internet trolls

  17. LoZ:OoT What a great choice of Xmas videogame. For me I remember playing that and Turok (the first & original N64 version) over the same xmas holiday, the seasonal cheer was through the roof.

  18. Mine has got to be Donkey Kong Country on SNES. I knew I was getting a SNES, but he surprised me mid Starwing with a copy of DKC. I didn't even hit eject, I just ripped Starwing out and played DKC with my brother all day. It was great.

  19. Dave has a silky voice. He could definitely do late night radio.

  20. xmas game for me is Skyrim. over 200 hours. fantastic. it was shit.

  21. Super Mario Sunshine will always be my Christmas game, massively underrated

  22. my best game at xmas is the grinch on dreamcast, "ANOTHERONE"! "HEY WHO ARE YOU"? "BIG DADDY"!!

  23. One of my fondest Christmas memories was getting Animal Crossing: Wild World on Christmas day making snowmen, catching fish.

  24. David Scammel-jammel has an unnatural affinity for segues

  25. who could dislike this video!!! merry christmas, team

  26. Pretty much every MMO i can think of has holiday events. That's one thing i wish more games would copy from MMO's.

  27. Shenmue is my Christmas game. It has snow and a drunk Father Christmas.

  28. Donkey Kong Country for my snes …have such fond memories of that…my uncle popped around and I didn't even come downstairs to say hello……
    sonic on the master system was another one I couldn't wait to play…I remember opening that and wanting to rush to my bed room…didn't even wanna open my other presents……

    This year my xmas game will be Zelda link between worlds. ..after listening to miller chat about it…I bought a 3ds xl on black friday…..can't wait to get into it…
    Thanks miller

  29. Some of this game footage looks like you filmed it in 10×10 O:

  30. Man, I'd completely forgotten about the Die Hard games. Genuinely loved the lightgun one.

  31. So…Miller hasn't had a family for years?

  32. Dear lord all these 14 year olds complaining about the visual quality of old Zelda footage.

    They don't even understand that videogames were a thing long before HDMI cables were.

  33. d'aww.
    we love you too VG.


  34. I got gta san andreas and my sister got kingdom hearts at christmas…..enjoyed kh much more !

  35. James Pond 2: Robocod. It's set in Santa's workshop and all the levels are about toys and sweets 🙂

  36. I remember getting Dead Space for Christmas, a weird Christmas game but that's what I associate it with. Same with Fallout 3 and Gear of War 2. That was a STRONG Christmas.

  37. Merry Christmas. Don't get to hear those words much in America anymore. Some how it offends people.

  38. Man, this brings back memories of the Christmas where I got Banjo-Kazooie AND Ocarina of Time back in '98. That ruled so hard.

    I also got definitely remember getting Marvel vs. Capcom for one Christmas, but I can't remember what else I got on that one. Possibly because I put so many hours into that game it's not even funny.

  39. My Christmas Games. Ghouls N Ghosts, and the nest year STRIDER . both for SEGA Genesis and they both came out seperate Christmases.

  40. This video is bloody lovely.
    Anyone who posts nasty bollocks on this video's comments is officially a dick.
    Report to your local council authority for notarisation.

  41. the Christmas effect: any game that is at least adequate is vastly improved by being played at Christmas. and good games become legendary. I remember playing Dragon Age and Mass Effect at Christmas. best Crimbo I ever had

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