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Best Christmas Games – VideoGamer Picks

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It’s the best christmas video games. Christmas is almost here, and as such, you want to play some games that make you feel all festive! For the record, these are not Christmas-themed games. These are games that make us feel ‘Christmas-ey’… There’s a difference! Subscribe for more gaming nonsense: .

With all that in mind, it shouldn’t surprise you that there’s some odd choices here, including Street Fighter 2. But we justify it, so listen, think of Santa Claus and enjoy.

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  1. SSX TRICKY.played the shit out of the demo on the xmas i got my PS2, that and Burnout.

  2. Does Scammell-Jammell ever stop smiling? I can feel his joy through audio alone.

    What a lovely duck.

  3. 5:22 in and hoping for James Pond II – Robocod… fingers are crossed..

  4. omg. i have majoras mask golden cartridge. didnt even know what it meant. D:

  5. Similar to Miller and OOT I play Lylat Wars any chance I get at Christmas. Remember getting the comedy sized box because it included the Rumble Pak. Always reminds me of christmas

  6. Love this channel! Hats off to the VG team for all the great content.

  7. Die hard trilogy, it's like you are in my brain. Remember spending Christmas Day in the nakatomi plaza fondly! Loved all three levels

  8. who recorded ocarina of time with a vhs recorder lol?

  9. I thought Miller was a Jew. My Christmas game is lots of alcohol and cold dark nights.

  10. Completely get Street Fighter 2. Got a Megadrive for Christmas only for my parents to tell me they hadn't got me any games for it yet. Turns out they just didn't want me to have them until after dinner. I got Sonic and Street Fighter 2 and as expected I didn't want to do anything else but play them. Still to this day think it was really mean to string me along for most of the day.

  11. Bloodborne is my new favourite Christmas game,Victorian London with wind and rain outside and a coal fire…absolute acid heaven 🤗

  12. This was lovely. I'm coming up with a list of games to play over the season now, haha.

  13. Winter crash on cod4 the air strike was Santa dropping explosive ordinance

  14. did you film that ocarina of time footage with a toaster

  15. wait a min europe never had a golden cart for o0t

  16. What about GTAV? They have a Christmas themed DLC and it snows in Los Santos every year on Christmas in GTA Online.

  17. Super Smash Bros. Melee. I got it along with my GameCube on Christmas Day so many years ago. Even after two newer Smash Bros. games, I still have fonder memories of this one. Playing through Adventure mode over and over again, having mini tournaments, unlocking Mewtwo… Also Wind Waker. Got that gem before Christmas, played it through Christmas, and a little bit after. Easily one of my favorite games.

  18. My Christmas game is Counter Strike 1.6, I spent so many hours playing the custom Christmas maps with friends.

  19. It's either going to be Dishonored (fucking wished they had changed it to Dishonoured for us UK guys) or MGS V, not quite sure at the moment.

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