Best Family Board Games for Christmas – Games for Large Groups -

Best Family Board Games for Christmas – Games for Large Groups

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What are the best family board games to play with a large group? Being with family can make this a difficult decision: there are so many styles of play, thematic interests and depths of complexity to consider. In this video, I consider my entire collection and try to identify the very best.

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0:00 – Welcome home for the holidays
0:41 – Who’s playing?
1:33 – Great bluffing game:
2:03 – A beautiful placement game:
2:38 – Simultaneous gameplay:
3:32 – Large group, hidden identity game:
4:05 – Asymmetrical, two-player game:
4:59 – A tricky word game:
5:26 – A decryption game:
6:14 – A classic:
6:51 – Because my brother requested it:
8:04 – A cooperative card game:
8:16 – … and a competitive card game!
8:39 – Another cooperative card game:
8:53 – A favorite for all ages:
10:06 – The NEWEST game:
12:25 – The conclusion


  1. For 9+ players, there is simply no greater game than Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. It’s an absolute blast every time and everyone is playing involved as much or as little as they want to be right from the start

  2. We never check a bag and this year for Christmas we checked 2 so we could bring board games. Happy Holidays!

  3. If you're wondering, I DID actually pack Everdell. It's Christmas after all!

  4. Wits and wagers is always the biggest hitting party game I bring people love to feel smart

  5. Skulls is a great game , tiny towns is a great game too.
    Machi Koro is a game that my family loves to play so that is my suggestion for a great family game to play. It's a family fav. Game

  6. When getting together with family we have really liked playing DownForce recently. Only caveats: 1) track expansions are a must if you are going to play a few rounds, I don't even introduce the original track anymore. 2) there is an auction phase at the start that I skip, and I also don't hand out power cards. Power cards can make some players feel really under powered. Changes take some of the 'game' out of it, but makes for a easy/casual experience that has worked well for us.

  7. I typically bring mostly card games that will accommodate at least 5-6 players and one meatier board game for the handful of family that would be interested. For card games, I am bringing Cockroach Poker, No Thanks and High Society. And, one new to me that I'm the most excited about, is Overseers. Definitely adults only, plays up to 6, and is a really interesting mix of drafting, hand management, bluffing, voting and deduction.
    For a my lightish midweight game, I'm bringing either Mykerinos or Ys. Old Ystari games that I've currently found second hand and am really digging.
    Hope your holiday gaming plans are a blast!

  8. All great games (I have not played Mind MGMT). Other games I would recommend Citadels, Sushi Go Party, Pit, Camel Up, Tsuro, and Cockroach Poker Royale. The great thing about Cockroach Poker Royale, is you can use the same deck to play Skull (using the crown cards), and save space in your luggage.

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