Best NBA Christmas Day Plays of the Decade! -

Best NBA Christmas Day Plays of the Decade!

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Check out the craziest plays of the decade on Christmas day including plays from LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade and more!

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  1. 2:09 from behind the and through the rim strait on the defenders head real thug life moment

  2. next decade will be features are Giannis, Luka, Jtatum, Dmitchell, PG13, Kawhi, Jharden, Rwestbrook, AD, ZionW, StephC., KD and many more….

  3. That Antetokounmpos block on Knicks at 8:02 was clearly goaltending. Look at the replay.

  4. This video alone, shows how biased the NBA has gotten. Its annoying af to watch NBA now. Thank god for bars

  5. It’s not even the end of the decade

  6. Christmas Saturday 2010 through Christmas Wednesday 2019

  7. Richard Jeffer$on wit tha white voice come on ref, that$ a foul

  8. All these plays against the Knicks but they just happen to forget Melo going off against the Celtics in Christmas in 2011

  9. 3:32 i loved it when they put “season of giving” while lobbing it to lebron

  10. Remember when kyrie was actually a good teammate and player? Or when everyone thought he was better than curry. Look at the accolades now

  11. #1 best play of Christmas day is Pat Bev blocking me. I had a groin injury at the moment plus my hand hurt so that's why he was able to block me. When I loose to the Clippers next time we play I will make sure to choke for my fans. I promise.

    I also promise all of mine and Kobe's fans this…

    I will continue Kobe's legacy. I will put LA on my soft back and carry us to the title. I will beat Kawhi. I will win it for Kobe!! I am currently talking to D. Wade to come out of retirement to help me and I am also working on trading Kuzma for Kyrie. I am also bringing Andre Igiudala to come play D on Kawhi so I can beat him. I will get it this done FOR KOBE.

  12. Rose floater rarely misses back then.

  13. venga hombre por comer pollo o ternera pasa todo eso, que exagerados son.. ahora por huevos tenemos que ser todos vegetarianos o veganos ???? acostarse hombreeeeee

  14. Bring the Knicks Back To Christmas day

  15. That Cavs v. Warriors game in Cleveland is one of the best Christmas games of all time!

  16. 0:40 how we not gon say anything about that monta ellis travel

  17. but after 2019 christmas day….(BANG)all know it happen….

  18. Christmas Day games has never been the same without those special jerseys

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