Best PS5 Games to Play this Christmas -

Best PS5 Games to Play this Christmas

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Wondering what to do with the Sony’s new wonder box this Christmas? Here are the best PS5 game to play this Christmas.


  1. Sackboy: a big adventure (Little Big Planet)Demon SoulsSpider-man: Miles MoralesAstro’s Playroom (tf was the point if it comes with?)Fortnite (…)Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla (100% agree!)Watch Dogs: LegionBugsnacksThe PathlessGodfall (hell no)As you can see half the list was probably stolen, and the other half sucks ass. Don’t waste your time 🙂

  2. Lack of comments, is it because no one can get a PS5?

  3. Don’t you ever promote watch dogs again! Wtf???

  4. I am very disappointed, I mean I really dont see the huge step up on graphics and next gen games. This looks the same as ps4 no difference, In my opinion too much hype for hardly Improvements, yea yeah you can watch in 4k and nicer controllers, but 7 years for that? really? I think the gaming industry has to step it up

  5. None of these games look good enough to buy

  6. Just got one from Amazon. I'm so pumped to play the previous titles I missed from PS4

  7. As soon as I saw they recommended Godfall as one of the games, I knew i couldn’t trust this list.

  8. I don’t even like fighting combat games but spiderman still wows me, love every bit of it, not to mention it’s one of the coolest and most beautiful looking games out right now

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