Best Wired Moments of the NBA Christmas Day Games (Kyrie, Draymond, John Wall and More!) -

Best Wired Moments of the NBA Christmas Day Games (Kyrie, Draymond, John Wall and More!)

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Listen in to the best mic’d up moments from the NBA’s biggest stars on Christmas Day!

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  1. Kristaps sounds like a 15 year old when he gets hyped

  2. Did harden just said "we need a stop"?

  3. The refs were probably like “man I don’t wanna be here on Christmas”

  4. Few marry christmas from Harden and refs know what to do.

  5. Harden:Merry Christmas
    Referee: 2 shots at the line

  6. “We need a stop right here “ rolls eyes like James harden

  7. Kyrie would be that douch that says happy holidays. Lol

  8. 0:44 Even 2 years ago, Harden was building his relationship with the refs.

  9. Its Christmas
    John Wall: wants kyries
    Asks Kyrie

  10. Ik I’m late but harden only said merry Christmas to the ref so he can get calls

  11. Say what you want about John wall he has a great personality

  12. Harden greetings to the ref be like "Call them fouls ok?"

  13. When we see players on tv talking: *They be talkin trash*
    Reality when you watch live:

    *Awwww their actually nice*

  14. Title should be, "People saying Merry Christmas at each other for 2 minutes and 18 seconds"…

  15. The only reason why harden said merry Christmas to the ref so the ref lets him slide when he travelling

  16. Ohh boy Draymond reminding everybody how nice of a triple single he is. Me likey mic'd up Mr. Singles

  17. "We need a stop" – harden
    Doesn't quite add up

  18. If anyone watches it in 2020, look at the top comment 😮

  19. Harden saying merry Christmas to the ref to get some free throws even tho he didnt get fouled

  20. Legend has it he still wants those kyries

  21. Back when wall and beal were in the same court and same uniform together

  22. Get the shooter, get the shooter

    Kid with the : AR-15 🤫🤫🤫

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