Best Worst Christmas Games -

Best Worst Christmas Games

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Ian Hecox //
Courtney Miller //
Noah Grossman //
Spencer Agnew //

WHO YOU DON’T SEE (usually)
Director: Alex Tran & Spencer Agnew
Editor: Rock Coleman
Dir Of Programming, Games: Spencer Agnew
Games – Ap: Alex Tran
Games – Producer: Damien Haas
AD/ Sr Coord: Jacqi Jones
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Asst. Art Director: Erin Kuschner
Art PA: Alex Aguilar
Art PA: Adam Mustafa
Audio Mixer: Greg Jones
Cam Op: Vida Robbins
Cam Op: Jon Wong
Channel Manager: Lizzy Jones
Dir. Audience Dev & Distro: Rachel Evans
Dir. Production: Zoe Moacanin
DIT/AE: Robert Rice
DP: Brennan Iketani
Exec. Assistant: Erin Dougal
GFX: Winton Foulds
Office Manager: Selina Garcia
Production Coordinator: Heidi Ha
Production Assistant: Marcus Munguia
Wardrobe: Alicia Balderas

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  1. Alright I'm sorry but. . . All in on Spourtney.

  2. All these Simps just yes anding courtney in the comments….
    IDEA 💡 How bout playing a series in a game most people know and play . More views . But only if you want them

  3. That snowman looks like it was made to hide Noah’s bong 😭

  4. Noah’s Harry Potter reference was chef’s kiss

  5. When it’s 8:30am and your cell connects to the car’s Bluetooth as Spencer is chasing/murdering children 😂😂😂

  6. 20:41 You know a game is gonna be quality when it uses the Unreal Engine example project room.

  7. tell me why I jumped harder than any of them when Santa popped up the first time 😅

  8. That was a ton of fun to watch, trashy steam games are always such a fun mixed bag.

  9. I have a theory that Cortney likes Spencer. The past 3 videos she's been flirty with him, even accidentally called him Shane last episode.

  10. Spencer opening the wardrobe doors to Santa at 7:02 genuinely made me yelp so loud it scared my dog. It's the first time a jump scare has ever made me yelp like that. In fact, I don't think I've ever even yelped before. Apparently, I'm a yelper now. Who knew? P.S. Not the Augustus kind. That would probably scare my dog far more.

  11. Listen I'm nearly 40, in the airport watching this and the jump scare got me good in the basement. I feel so silly! 🤣

  12. "HOG scenes" are "Hidden Object Game scenes"

  13. i loved this lolll only they can make cursed games fun to watch!

  14. As an argentinian, I could say this is relatable content hahaha

  15. I feel like Noah’s joke about grandma running over Santa was super under appreciated, That killed me!

  16. Ty this was a surprisingly entertaining video that just kept getting better and better, can't wait for the next bad gaming session

  17. Spencer was a little too good at offing the entire orphanage

  18. I think this could be Funhaus for zoomers, that's all I'm saying.

  19. My back hurts watching them use keyboard & mouse on a table that low.

  20. Oh shit somebody else that plays inverted I'm not the only one? 😂

  21. No Elf Bowling?! I played that game every year! So fun and…dirty

  22. Spenser: Can I call all the kids?

    My Brain: Not the younglings, Santakin

  23. “Kiss him, he’s unarmed!” That was amazing, nothing I can say will top that quote.

  24. They play a game at 10:43 that has the exact same map as another game that I can not remember the name of someone please help my brain is melting

  25. I'm a simple man. I see courtney in the thumbnail. I click.

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