BIG DISCOUNTS Games Workshop's 8x Christmas Battleforces... Price MSRP Breakdown Warhammer 40k Army -

BIG DISCOUNTS Games Workshop’s 8x Christmas Battleforces… Price MSRP Breakdown Warhammer 40k Army

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Welcome back to the channel War Hammer Man Checking out the Christmas Box Reveal, and breaking down the contents, prices, and savings:

Adepta Sororitas – Sanctorum Guard. $320 MSRP 37.5% Savings
1x Morvenn Vahl. $60
3x Paragon Warsuits. $70
3x Paragon Warsuits $70
5x Celestian Sacresants $60
10x Sisters of Battle. $60

Adeptus Custodes – Watchers of The Gate. $337 MSRP 40.5% Savings
1x General Trajann Valoris. $42
3x Allarus Terminators. $55
3x Vertus Praetors. $60
5x Custodian Guard $60
5x Custodian Guard $60
5x Custodian Guard $60

Adeptus Mechanicus – Elimination Maniple. $310 MSRP. 34.5% Savings
Belisarius Cawl. $60
Kastelan Robots. $80
Kataphron destroyers $60
Kataphron destroyers $60
Skitarii Rangers. $50

Imperial Knights – Chainbreaker Lance. $340 MSRP 41% Savings
1xCanis Rex. $170
2xArmiger Helverins $85
2xArmiger Warglaives. $85

Death Guard – Council of The Death Lord. $330 MSRP. 39.5% Savings
1xMortarion. $160
7xPlague Marines. $55
7xPlague Marines. $55
5xBlight Lord Terminators. $60

Thousand Sons – Court of The Crimson King. $340 MSRP. 41% Savings
1x Magnus. $160
10xRubric Marines. $60
10xRubric Marines. $60
3xExalted Sorcerers $60

Imperial Fists – Bastion Strike Force. $319 MSRP 37.5% Savings
1xTor Garadon $42
3xAggressors $55
5xHeavy Intercessors $65
5xHeavy Intercessors $65
5xHeavy Intercessors $65
Upgrades & Transfers $27

Raven Guard – Ravenstrike Battleforce. $325 MSRP. 38.5% Savings
1xKayvann Shrike. $42
10xReavers. $60
3xEliminators 55
1xLibrarian $38
1xInvictor Warsuit $65
1xInvictor Warsuit. $65

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  1. You give points instead of prices on the Machanicus.

  2. Sigh… been wanting to pick up a 2nd army. Might pick up 2 with this. Just what 2 to choose now.

  3. I think the inquisitions effort to hide the Xenos payed dividends this year.

  4. I might get the knights box because even though I’m creating RG army, I don’t like the RG box, even with Shrike, so I might get some knight support and paint them black or something

  5. If the Custodes box replaced the termis with bikes, it would be fantastic but I'll definitely be picking it up to start my Shield Host.

  6. I love the idea of DeathGuard spreading "seasonal sniffles". 😆🎄

  7. I’m planning to start warhammer and one of my friends recommended getting one of these to start? What’s the best starter kit I should get out of these? I just don’t want to mess up and buy something I don’t need later

  8. With the Ravenguard battle force, it is normal to not have the upgrade sprues. They don't work on the Reivers as their shoulder pads are different. The Imperial Fists have a better use of the upgrade sprues. I'm kind of underwhelmed with the Ravenstrike Battle Force, I built some Ravenguard with a Blood Angels Combat Patrol box and a few Raven Guard upgrade Sprues.

  9. The Adeptus Sororitas box got me contemplating shit, World Eaters are around the corner. GW TEMPT ME NO FURTHER

  10. Is there any news on the Age of Sigmar boxes!?

  11. My body is ready for the Death Guard and the Thousand Sons.

  12. I think I'm going to try to grab that Custodes one – I'm looking for a good second army to test things out against at home, and I can quickly get it put together. (I main orks, so that keeps me pretty busy on model count)

    Honestly, the rest of them are kinda 'meh' to me this year. I'm usually having a tough time deciding, and I'd probably not even get one if not for the Custodes here.

  13. "40% off" for models that have already undergone multiple price hikes and were overpriced even prior".

    Pretty much all these boxes are terrible for the price which I assume is £120-£135 ish. Awful. Not great value. These boxes are REALLY showing how much GW charge for character and singular models. Like the AOS this is all stock that isn't selling as well as other stuff, too.

  14. Ayo chaos boxes without zangors or poxwalkers? This is beginning to look a lot like christmas lmfao

  15. Best Christmas box set for this year is the guard box no doubt.

  16. any newson AOS box sets? I usually vget 1 40k one 1 AOS

  17. Love it when you crunch the numbers and bring the receipts – thanks for helping me save money, WHM!

  18. Where is the Ultra Marine set. I need a new Primarus Lieutenant

  19. Knights can be used in Horus Heresy, too. I've heard they're kind of disgusting. Honestly considering it for a secondary army.

  20. Loving your videos, but as a Custodes player:
    [ kuh-stoh-deez; Latin koos-toh-des ]

  21. Very new. Picked up the Sororitas Combat Patrol. Would this new box be a good complement? Don't have anything else besides that box.

  22. To bad…. no necrons or tyranids ….. but the death guard box looks sick tho…. I may start a 3rd army now

  23. So the admech box, the robots one of them is rocking with 2 guns for the hands, can't take them that way anymore. I find that kinda funny.

  24. You assumed that the Knights will get less than the normal amount of options on Helverins/Warglives. We don't know that for sure, one might assume, but until we have opened box we can't say with absolute certainty.
    I hope you are wrong this time.

  25. It's cool that GW is putting big centerpiece models in a lot of these boxes and keeping out a lot of the models that normally tend to bloat up these boxes. I've always wanted to get a Primarch model but don't think I could do it justice and I don't play 40k either… Hoping with GW pushing a lot of the bigger characters means they will be releasing more in the near future.

  26. I’ve been looking at this game for a while now considering to start playing as either death guard or thousand sons, then I see this,

  27. I like all the boxes, but no socks?

  28. I have and never will understand why they don't make a Christmas box like these for every faction. Perhaps the only exception would be if a faction had just been released within the last month, like the Leagues of Votaan currently.

    Surely giving someone all the possibilities of a starter army is good for both the brand new hobbyists and Veterans alike.

    Saying that, I think there will be 6 boxsets purchased by myself this Christmas to add to the already monumental backlog of boxsets looking at me with pleading eyes…

  29. I could be wrong, but I think the Death Guard box set also has some sculpts for the plague marine champions that you can only get on the website for like 60 bucks, I know it came with two of them last year as well.

  30. Would have preferred a ultramarine box set with Guiliman in it over raven guard.
    With that you can get all 3 avaliable primarchs with an accompanying army. The raven guard box just feels like they are trying to get rid of a bunch of phobos stuff. Now I like phobos but they are really trying to shove it down our thoughts. Also I guarantee you that more people play ultramarines than raven guard and I honestly think they might be one of the least played first founding chapters. Also Guiliman is an amazing character in the books.

  31. I remember last year some boxes came in at $210. Maybe they inch it up again this year

  32. No orks this time… which is to be expected. Love the death guard box but I already have all my infantry so I wont be buying that one. Love the Adeptus box, might be a good way to start a new army.

  33. My number one pick is Court of the Crimson, cuz of Magnus the Red. I always wanted to paint a 1000 sons army.

  34. Where the hell do these prices come from euro and dollar are exactly the same now these boxes cost 150eur most of the time got around 200 eur value 25%discount.

  35. Like You have said, both chaos boxes are simply amazing. I do not know the metal but them having so much elite soldiers and a primarch seem to go amazing with the combat patrolls filled with chav

  36. Death Guard or Thousand Sons… both can be used for Kill Teams… HMMMMMMM.

  37. "Value" is a difficult term to qualify as most of these box sets seem to be GW plugging underselling models over actual quality units. 10 Reivers is simply just bad in the RG box; while I love gravis myself, 15 Heavy Intercessors are more than most people ever take; primarchs are cool and this is a good, cost-effective way to get them, but if you have them already or don't want them, a chunk of your box price is wasted in the two Chaos sets; I don't know enough about AM to comment; 6 AS suits and the suit character are pretty heavy-handed there. The Custodes seems decent but then again, they have so few units that almost everything is utilized.

  38. These are the epitome of shit didn't sell we gotta get rid of it.

  39. "Really nice set right here" 4x HQs and 20 Rubric Marines. TOP KEK

  40. The Imperial Knights, with some stuff from other sets or kitbashm looks fine to me.

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